Computers and Accessories in Lusaka, Zambia

Computer Express are the authorised distributors for Genius products in Zambia. They also stock PCs, laptops, internal/external hard drives, printers and more. Their growing brand portfolio includes Toshiba, HP, Samsung, LG, Intel, Kingston, Gigabyte, Asus, Omega, Sony, APC, D-Link, Symantec, Kaspersky and Western Digital.
  • Authorised resellers of Dell products
  • Able to source products that are not their stock
  • Call-out services for network installations, on-site service and maintenance
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In 1999, Computer Express began integrating PC's under its own label and in a short time the company had achieved an excellent reputation with the CompEx line of built to order systems. This is the only own label PC in Zambia and to date the company has build over 4000 PC's tailor built for the small and medium size enterprises. The Genius range of products include components for input devices – (digital cameras, keyboards, mice, digitisers, scanners, joysticks), multi-media – (speakers, sound cards, microphone/headsets), communication (modems), networking – (hubs, switches, network cards). Products supplied by Computer Express include:

  • Dell, HP and CompEx PC's
  • Toshiba and HP Notebooks
  • Genius speakers and sound cards
  • ATI Graphics cards
  • Genius keyboards and mice
  • HP and Genius scanners
  • D-Link network cards, hubs, switches,
  • Omega UTP Cable, RJ45 Connectors
  • Com and Genius Modems, Web Cams,
  • LG monitors
  • Gigabyte/Asus mainboards
  • Western Digital/Maxstor hard drives
  • Intel CPU's
  • Kingston memory products
  • Samsung external hard drives
  • LG DVD-RW Drives
  • HP and Samsung Laserjets and Deskjets
  • Epson Dot Matrix printers
  • APC and Powercom UPS's
  • Norton/Kaspersky Anti-Virus software
  • Sony/Verbatim media
  • HP/Samsung/Canon printer consumables
  • Omega dust covers
  • Computer cleaning kits
  • Toolkits

The showroom/sales counter offers customers unrivalled product availability and choice, as well as a while-u-wait service.

General IT services in Lusaka, Zambia

Computer Express has a team of professional technicians that offer administrative support, call-out services for network installations, on-site service and maintenance. The team is also able to advise and assist where in-house IT knowledge is lacking for small/medium business or institutions.
  • Quality support services at competitive rates
  • Professional and expert technicians
  • IT consultation services
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Computer Express strives to get its technicians to your site urgently in the event of an IT problem, to ensure that your systems are up and running as soon as possible. Their experienced staff has many years of combined experience with computer hardware, networking, software, and more. Computer Express strive to develop strong, long-term relationships with its customers.

Work place consumables in Lusaka, Zambia

Computer Express supplies various office items including paper clips, staples, photo paper, coated paper, pens, folders, till rolls, toner and ink cartridges. The company also stocks hole punches, binders, staplers and laminators. Computer Express has created links with leading manufacturers to provide quality products.
  • Offers competitive and cost effective stationary solutions
  • General office supplies, stationery, paper, envelopes and printer consumables
  • Procurement service for items not listed on its inventory list
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Computer Express has a wide range of office supplies available that will personalise your office and keep it organised, efficient and free from clutter. These range from desk accessories and storage options to a vast array of stationery supplies that will ensure the smooth running of your business. This company prides itself with their unparalleled level of service and knowledge of the office supplies trade. Their team of friendly and efficient staff are always available to give advice and to ensure that your ordering process runs smoothly.

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Shop 100 Lumumba Road, Carousel Shopping Centre, Lusaka, Zambia
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+260 966 761371

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