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Communication solutions

Crystaline Technologies’ Innov8 division has all the tools you need to achieve peak performance and efficiency - call center tools, predictive dialers, voice broadcasters, and text and email tools, built-in CRM, easy workflow and business process automation - all flexible, scalable, seamlessly integrated solution.
VOIP, IVR, Bulk SMS and 2-Way SMS (Shortcode)
Flexible, scalable and seamlessly integrated solutions
Achieve peak performance and efficiency

Crystaline’s innovative call center solutions meet today’s challenges. The company provides mission critical solutions that are secure, reliable and customer-centric.

VOIP - Voice over Internet Protocol is a methodology and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks, such as the nternet.

IVR - Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephony menu system that enables identification, segmentation and routing of callers to the most appropriate agent within your team. It is a simple and effective and will significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency within any company.

Bulk SMS - Bulk messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. Media companies, enterprises, banks (for marketing and fraud control) and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing, use it.

2-Way SMS (Shortcode) – To enable customers give feedback on your product and service or you wish to allow them to submit entries for a draw, then 2-WAY SMS is your best solution.

Customised software development

Crystaline Technologies is passionate about software development. Understanding what software development means in the real world, this company utilises the latest processes and methodologies to develop their software. Crystaline’s software development methods are tailored as per the nature and size of the project.
Company applies the latest processes and methodologies
APIs, Web and Mobile Apps
Easy to use software

Crystaline Technologies builds:

  • APIs to connect disparate systems and allow them to share data
  • Web applications to meet the intuitive requirements of the customer
  • Mobile Apps – Particularly Android and IOS Apps
  • Desktop solutions - Applications such as POS, pharmacy billing solutions can be deployed in desktop or web environment.

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IT support, Managed services & Specialised consulting

Crystaline Technologies can help you analyse and understand your IT requirements, facilitate deployment of solutions to your requirements, as well as ensure after sales-services. The company enables planning and design of multi-technology, multi-vendor networks. Crystaline also offers reliable outsourced and on demand IT support services.
Outsourced and on demand IT support
Taking the stress out of using technology your business depends on
8-5pm and 24/7 support of IT systems

Crystaline Technologies’ ability to model the behavior of the entire network and the supported applications:

  • Delivers precise predictions in what-if scenarios to accurately plan for growth, change, technology migration, and new application deployment
  • Supports planning key initiatives such as data center migration, deployment of unified communications, VPN, and IPv6 migration
  • Automates capacity planning, survivability analysis and traffic engineering
  • Provides a platform for validating network changes before deploying to the production network
  • Optimise network up-time/minimise downtime
  • Install and configure network devices
  • Troubleshoot and resolve network problems
  • Manage and monitor network
  • Tool evaluation and recommendation

Crystaline’s comprehensive LAN solutions include:

  • Consulting, lanning and recommendations
  • Network design, implementation and maintenance
  • Real time monitoring 24x7
  • Proactive maintenance and help desk support
  • Managed security solutions
  • Technical support
  • Data redundancy and recovery solutions
  • Backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Firewall, VPN and network security solutions
  • Intrusion prevention solutions
  • Traffic and bandwidth management solutions
  • Wireless networks
  • Remote access solutions
  • Document management solutions
  • Employee internet access management solutions
  • Business telephone system and VoIP solutions
  • Anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-spyware solutions
  • Structured cabling and project management

Outsourced IT support

In an age of downsizing and restructuring for maximum efficiency, companies realise the need to outsource specific functions of their IT Departments. As a professional service company, Crystaline prides itself in its ability to provide 8-5pm and 24/7 support of IT systems in any organisation. They have a superior core team that will guide staff to ensure high service availability for their clients. Crystalines’ activities are guided by ITIL and ISO: 20000 Services Management Principles.

On demand IT support

Are you spending too much time putting out fires caused by disruptions in technology? Are you short-staffed to manage issues in remote offices? When you depend on computer software help from Crystalines’ committed staff of experts, you can say goodbye to worry and stress over your technology problems.

Crystaline Technologies provide professional IT office furniture installation services using advanced technology to get the job done right the first time. All aspects of your IT installation hardware are handled with the utmost precision. They help you plan and organise new installations or reconfigure your current office space to provide you with the quality environment you want.


  • Your own team of IT experts working for you - service and support whenever you need it
  • Simplified budgeting - pay only for what you need, as you need it
  • Fast response to your problem - Put you back on track fast
  • Enjoy the same technology larger companies have access to
  • IT Investigation – Crystaline’s expert consultants pinpoint the faults in your current IT infrastructure and develop an IT solution that will make doing business easier.
  • Technology Installation - through focused planning and collaborating with trusted vendors, this company provides key solutions for your unique business, making sure your current IT challenges are met with the right solutions.
  • Technology Management – this company’s competent staff arrives at a custom security plan for your business to make sure your business can survive a disaster.

Worry-Free IT outsourcing and IT consulting

Do you constantly stress about the efficiency, reliability and cost of your business technology? The sensible answer to this dilemma is IT consulting services, which brings you creative solutions in technology. Crystaline offers IT outsourcing and virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) services that take the stress out of using the technology your business depends on.

Contact information

9 Green Lane, Kabulonga, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 269483, +260 955 108080
Open today: 08:00-17:00
PO Box 32907, Lusaka, Zambia

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