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Construction companies and property owners can count on Danish Concrete Hardener for high quality concrete hardener. It makes floors and walls resistant against hydro-chloric acid, chemicals, oil, fire, abrasion and is slip resistant. The hardener can be used in houses, driveways, factories, warehouses, dams, bridges, oil refineries, precast industry, actually everything with cement in it.
Danish Concrete Hardener for the best concrete strength
Increases hardness of concrete up to 80%
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Danish Concrete Hardener's concrete hardener is a non-toxic, concrete impregnation liquid for effective treating of concrete. It is water-based, colourless and is available in three different types – Floor, wall and block hardeners.

This hardener penetrates floors by 1-3 cm deep, and 10-15 mm for walls and blocks. It prevents water penetration and rapid drying of poured concrete and prevents cracks during hydration reaction. Your floors and walls will also become water repellent, oil stain repellent as well as slip, acid, chemical, fire and abrasion resistant.

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