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Deniz Blocks Factory Ltd

Deniz Blocks Factory manufactures and supplies high quality concrete blocks, pavings and kerb stones, specialising in interlocking blocks. This company uses a hydraulic machine with a vibrator, ensuring that there are no air bubbles or cavities that would weaken the blocks and pavings. Deniz Blocks is an innovative company with highly experienced staff who ensure complete customer satisfaction. It has three branches in Lusaka, one in Chilanga and one in Kafue.

Building materials

Each day Deniz Blocks Factory manufactures 10,000 6' blocks, 8,000 8' blocks, 14,000 4' blocks and 550 square meters of paving stones. This makes it possible for the company to meet its clients' needs in a timely manner. Deniz Blocks provides transport if required, and loads the blocks as a complimentary service to all its clients.

Deniz Factory has the following outlets:

  • Chilanga branch (along Kafue Road next to Mount Meru Filling Station)
  • Kafue branch (200 metres from the rail line on the right)
  • Lusaka Ibex Hill branch (along Leopards Hill Road)
  • Lusaka Mandevu branch (near Shoprite)
  • Lusaka Kasama Road branch (near Apex University)

High quality concrete blocks Deniz Blocks Factory make hollow concrete blocks that have a void area larger than twenty five percent. They come in different shapes and sizes. Concrete blocks are the most popular masonry units used in Zambia. Deniz Blocks Factory have various types of precast panels used to get different shapes and sizes of hollow blocks used in construction works such as walls of buildings, retaining walls and office buildings. Hollow building blocks, are famous in the construction industry in Zambia due to the numerous benefits that they present. They are always readily available at all the five branches in Lusaka, Chilanga and Kafue. Pavers and kerb stones Concrete pavers are made from cement and aggregate that is poured into forms, compressed, and air cured. Denezi Block Factory's concrete paving bricks can be formed into all sorts of shapes and sizes and pigmented in a wide range of colors. Kerbs stones are intended to separate surfaces, providing physical or visual delineation and containment of the pavement construction. Whatever your requirement, Deniz Block Factory can provide the solution. The experienced team of pavement makers can assist you in selecting the most appropriate kerb stones for your scheme.

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