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Eight to Five is a professional recruitment and training agency with over 15 years of experience in the Human Resources sector and associated areas. It aims to provide world class services to match the requirements of its clients. Eight to Five helps employers understand, attract, develop and retain the best talent. For solutions to your staffing needs, the company will not only assist in the recruitment process but can also create a customised induction programme for new staff members.
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Recruitment and Training

This company recruits part-time, short-term, project-based contract staff on behalf of clients. It is also a recruitment consultancy, and offers training in staff orientation and skills enhancement. With over 15 years of experience in Zambia, Eight to Five is a professional agency run by a seasoned team of HR experts.

This company specialises in human resource development, aiming to ensure every client requirement is met. Eight to Five's main goal is to provide their clients with employees who are achievers and have the ability to deliver required results within any given project.

Why choose Eight to Five?

Cost control

Easy to budget, no hidden costs and the ability to accurately match the cost of human capital to the specific project, seasonal demand or business need.

Customer retention

Eight to Five takes time to understand and react to each client's specific and unique requirements. The company provides tailor made solutions and a commitment to the best possible customer service over the life of the contract.


Eight to Five helps clients avoid the headache of managing large groups, thereby reducing HR and management costs and allowing the client to focus on their core competencies.


Eight to Five helps clients eliminate the risk of non-compliance with legislation, providing an ethical and transparent service.

The right people

Eight to Five takes the time to understand the different personalities of individuals in order to ensure they match organisations to the right kind of people, and vice versa. The company encourages each individual to be target driven, disciplined and highly motivated.Eight to Five clients include:

  • Lions Group of Companies
  • Munda Wanga Trust
  • Kalimba Farms
  • Neon & General Signs
  • Rivonia Farm Products
  • Remote Site Solutions
  • Agriflora Ngwazi
  • Air Charters Toll
  • Global Forwarding
  • Image Promotions
  • Rooneys Hire Zambia Ltd
  • Event Solutions
  • PG Glass Zambia

Eight to Five Ltd · Recruitment and Training

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