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Commodity buyers

Are you a farmer and looking for a company that can buy your grains? ETG Commodities Zambia procures an extensive range of grains that include but are not limited to maize, rice, sunflower seeds and mix beans. With various milling plants in Zambia, a few tonnes of maize are processed for distribution by aid agencies. The company has depots in Northern, Central, Southern and Copper Belt Provinces. Please view depots in the read more section below.
Best price in the commodity market
Fast offloading to avoid any delays
Easy reach to farmers through its networks

ETG Commodities started its operations in Zambia in the year 2007 with a vision to connect with the farmers and to offer the best price for their produce and meet the demands of the local millers within the country and overseas. Today ETG Commodities is recognised as the top traders of agri-commodities in Zambia.

In an effort to provide small-scale farmers with an alternative market, ETG Commodities Zambia buys a wide selection of grains including maize, rice, sunflower seeds and soya beans. With locations across Zambia, ETG aims to reach as many farmers as possible, especially those in rural areas that have difficulties finding a good market for their maize.

For most small-scale farmers, finding reliable buyers for their grains is challenging. ETG Commodities Zambia is committed to ensuring that all problems faced by farmers with grain marketing and the lack of buyers are over. Their team is dedicated to delivering an unmatched service and seeks to always find ways to meet each farmer’s business needs.


ETG Chibombo

Contact person: Mr.Joseph Kunda

Contact number: +260 968 936681

ETG Kabwe

Contact person: Mr. Chimpi Daka

Contact number: +260 975 151052

ETG Kapiri

Contact person: Mr.Rutherford Mutumba

Contact number: +260 967 694154

ETG Mpongwe

Contact person: Mr.Mbita

Contact number: +260 976 807515

ETG Ndola

Contact person: Mr.Chirag

Contact number: +260 978 443623

ETG Chingola

Contact person: Mr.Likando Kabeta

Contact number: +260 979 336609

ETG Solwezi

Contact person: Mr.James Banda

Contact number: +260 968 935707

ETG Mkushi

Contact person: Mr.Pumulo

Contact number: +260 979 849956

ETG Serenje

Contact person: Mr.Banda

Contact number: +260 967 693899

ETG Mpika

Contact person: Mr.Nawinamo

Contact number: +260 967 692892

ETG Isoka

Contact person: Mr.Micheal

Contact number: +260

ETG Kasama

Contact person: Mr.Lufeto

Contact number: +260

ETG Southern Province

Mr. Jayram Reddy

Contact: +260 967 693481

ETG Western Province

Mr.Subhash Chand

Contact: +260 974 439747

ETGEastern Province

Mr.Shravan Raj

Contact: +260 965 284250

Some clients

  • WFP(World Food Programe)
  • CFGB(Canadian Food Grain bank)
  • World Vision
  • One Acre Fund
  • Lima Link


ETG Commodities Zambia has strategically built up to date storage and warehousing facilities including grain elevators, liquid oil tanks and barns to store their commodities. To the farmers, ETG offers product quality and quantity verification as well as controls, sampling of commodities, laboratory analysis and general warehouse management services.
Up to date storage and warehousing facilities
Store grains securely, use them to leverage credit as well as sell when prices are favourable
Reduce post harvest losses and increase your incomes

Once ETG Commodities Zambia procures commodities from smallholder farmers through their strategically located centres, they then store them at their various warehouses.

Benefits for the farmer

Individual small-scale farmers may not earn sufficient income to transfer their grains to markets, the combined output of say 1,000 farmers or more creates significant scale for ETG’s strategically positioned warehouses, which reach into the remotest of regions.

Through ETG’s warehouse receipt system, farmers can deposit storable goods (usually grains or coffee) in exchange for a warehouse receipt. They will have peace of mind knowing that their commodity will not get damaged while they wait for a favourable market price for their commodity. They can also use this grain to leverage credit.


In order to succeed in farming, you need an efficient and properly managed transport system for your produce. You can engage ETG Commodities Zambia for a wide selection of logistics services. They can transport various agricultural commodities, containerised cargo, fertilisers and more.
End-to-end logistics for agricultural commodities and fertilisers
An efficient and properly managed transport system
A well maintained fleet of trucks

Apart from transporting its various commodities, business owners can rely on ETG to transport general containerised cargo, fertilisers, minerals, agricultural commodities and project cargo.

With a presence in more than 20 African countries, ETG Commodities Zambia has a mission to facilitate trade between Africa and India, China and the Middle East. ETG aspires to be an “End to End Logistics Service Provider”.

Contact information

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Off Mumbwa Road, Lusaka
8087 Off Mumbwa Road, Lusaka, Zambia
Open today: 08:00-17:00
+260 963 906765, +260 963 906761
P.O. Box 30090, Lusaka, Zambia

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