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First Alliance Bank Zambia Ltd

Established in 1994, this bank is committed to its customers' success. First Alliance Bank Zambia has successfully overcome various challenges over the years by adopting high standards of ethical principles and prudential norms. The bank offers a personal and business banking services to a broad spectrum of customers. The bank also provides E Banking services through an online banking website that allows customers to access virtually all account information, transactions and balances from their office or home.

Personal banking

First Alliance Bank Zambia offers current, premium, fixed deposit and foreign currency accounts to individuals. Premium accounts earn interest on daily balances with no restrictions on the operations of the account. Attractive fixed and short term deposits and the bank also offers various forex products with personal banking.

First Alliance Bank Zambia Ltd · Personal banking

Business banking

Focused on providing a framework for the growth and prosperity of businesses, First Alliance Bank Zambia offers its customers a full range of solutions that are tailored to expand their market share and improve financial performance. The bank provides premium and fixed or short term deposit accounts, as well as various loan products.

First Alliance Bank Zambia Ltd · Business banking

Corporate finance

First Alliance Bank Zambia offers a full range of finance services to companies in wholesale and retail trade, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, transport, hospitality and tourism, construction and real estate. The services provided allow customers to invest in growth-oriented purchases.

First Alliance Bank Zambia Ltd · Corporate finance


First Alliance Bank Zambia provides credit products including project financing, overdrafts, term loans, letters of credit, retail and wholesale credit for trading activities and bills discounting facilities. The bank also offers bank guarantees that include bid bonds, performance and advance guarantees.

First Alliance Bank Zambia Ltd · Loans

Electronic payment systems

First Alliance Bank Zambia offers a safe, secure and reliable internet banking service that allows customers to carry out various transactions electronically. E Banking offers a quick and convenient way to access various services. Customers with internet access need to register with the bank to use this service.

First Alliance Bank Zambia Ltd · Electronic payment systems