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Fleur de Lys B&B

Situated in the beautiful Leopards Hill area of Lusaka, Fleur de Lys B&B offers four exclusive, fully equipped self-catering apartments with self-service breakfast provided. Whether travelling for business or leisure, this very comfortable accommodation provides a friendly personal service that ensures a relaxed stay. These apartments are situated only a few minutes drive from malls, restaurants and other leisure activities and airport transfers can be arranged at a small fee.


This Bed and Breakfast provides luxury accommodation set in impressive and beautiful grounds, with recreational facilities. The four fully serviced self catering Fleur de Lys apartments are excellent for families or business travellers, and are ideal for medium or even long stays, self-service breakfast is provided as well.

Accommodation options

All Fleur de Lys accommodation offers either catering or self-catering, and guests can book for short or long stays. Fleur de Lys offers four rental options with two flatlets and two cottages:-

Petria is suitable for a family, or two or three colleagues from the same company. It is a two bedroom flatlet with sitting room/dining room, bathroom and kitchenette. One bedroom has two twin beds and the other a double bed.

Ivy is a one bedroom flatlet with sitting room/dining room, bathroom and kitchenette, suitable for a couple or a businessman or woman, the bedroom has two single beds.

Fleur de Lys also boasts two newly built cottages, Rose and Lavender, each with two bedrooms. These are beautifully positioned next to the lavender garden.

Accommodation rates include:

  • Full continental breakfast (self-service)
  • Digital satellite television
  • Internet access (for light use and email)
  • Laundry
  • Walks in tranquil gardens with impala and bushbuck
  • Use of all recreational facilities

Recreational facilities

Fleur de Lys B&B has a tennis court, swimming pool and trampoline. These facilities make this a great accommodation choice for families with children, or business travellers who like to keep fit.

Fleur de Lys B&B information

Evening meals can be arranged at Fleur de Lys B&B on request and for an additional charge. Accommodation prices are dependent on length of stay, for shorter or medium stays, payment is by cash on booking out and for longer term stays, payment is monthly.


Fleur de Lys B&B · Apartments

Guest house

Fleur de Lys offers a private, self-contained bed and breakfast, in the suburbs of Lusaka. A convenient, unique, stylish yet home-from-home bed and breakfast. Set within beautiful indigenous surroundings, well maintained mature fruit orchard and herb gardens, surroundings that invite you to take walks or an early morning run.

Across the road from Fleur de Lys is an independent vibrant gym that is modern, equipped with all the exercising machines for the most enthusiastic keep fit man or woman.

Guest house

Fleur de Lys B&B · Guest house

Animal sanctuary

This private property provides a sanctuary beyond the garden and wild bush veld for free roaming bushbuck and impala, with mown paths which make for lovely walks and runs. Fleur de Lys is perfect for nature lovers with a busy schedule. Bushbucks and impalas live in various habitats and they are protected at Fleur de Lys.

Wildlife habitats are being disrupted with the expansion of roads and settlements, as roads segment habitats, wildlife migrations are affected, and wildlife have difficulty moving between parks to find food, mates, and give birth. Bushbucks’ living space is decreasing as human populations grow and expand, resulting in growth of agriculture, settlements, and roads.

Impalas are found at grassland and woodland edges, usually very close by water and bushbucks are forest-edge antelopes. They live in various habitats, including rain forests, montane forests, forest-savanna mosaics, and bush savannas. Conservancy efforts such as Fleu de Lys, though small, provide a safe home to a variety of wildlife.

Animal sanctuary

Fleur de Lys B&B · Animal sanctuary