Building materials

Free Flow Gutters supplies and fits aluminium guttering in gauges 0.6mm to 0.8mm-for complex profile gutters, very large gutters or just one-off gutters to suit any roof and guttering is 150mm Industrial O. G. (old Gothic ) formed. The company gives a two year workmanship guarantee and a 10 year product guarantee.
Manufactures quality gutters, fascia boards and down pipes
Available in a range of colours
Bespoke orders available

Aluminium guttering

Free Flow Gutters manufactures seamless aluminium alloy gutters suitable for all types of construction-new build, renovation, restoration, refurbishment, replacement, or gutter repair. Aluminium guttering is suitable for different architectural sytles-listed, period, faux, retro, modern and contemporary. Guttering is available in different finishes and colours. It is relatively low cost, resists corrosion, and can last for 15 years or more if not damaged by ladders or storms.

Free Flow Gutters' industrial profile gutters are quickly and efficiently manufactured seamlessly on site from mobile factory units. For a professional finish, Free Flow Gutters use aluminium accessories on guttering such as end caps, corner mitres, internal hangers and roof fix brackets.

Fascia boards and barge boards

Free Flow Gutters Zambia supplies and installs fibre cement fascia and barge boards for both domestic and industrial use.

Rainwater down pipes

Rainwater down pipes come in a range of sizes and shapes-round, circular, square and rectangular. The following down pipe options are available:

  • PVC 80mm round (domestic)
  • PVC 75x75mm square (domestic)
  • PVC 110mm round (industrial)
  • PVC 160mm round (industrial)
  • Aluminium 75x50mm (domestic)
  • Aluminium 100x75mm (industrial)

Property improvement

Free Flow Gutters Zambia provides a full range of professional services at competitive prices. The company provides gutter installation for residential and domestic premises. The company also carry out gutter system cleaning and repairs ensuring the gutters are free from debris including replacement of damaged fascia.
3 year guarantee for serviced gutters
20 year guarantee on installation
Repairs and clean-blockages, sag, leaks and poor pitch

Free Flow Gutters Zambia has a professional team of staff to ensure your gutting system is efficiently installed.The well qualified team has been carefully trained and are experts in their various fields. All installation sites are carefully managed by an experienced team leader and a site foreman.

Free Flow Gutters Zambia have the right ladders and tools to get the job done safely. The company will ensure the removal of all debris from the gutters. If you need any repairs done the company is able to if there are any minor repairs such as sealing end caps or sealing miter joints, the company will take care of them while cleaning.


Free Flow Gutters Zambia provides a 20 year guarantee upon installation of your guttering system and a 3 year guarantee on serviced guttering systems on your premises.

Free Flow Gutters Zambia clients include

  • Liege Africa
  • East Park Mall
  • Cosmopolitan Mall
  • Builders Warehouse
  • Roma Park
  • Shamba Lodge
  • K2 projects
  • Palm Villas

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