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Heavy duty machinery servicing
Specialised pumps
Heavy duty machinery parts
Established in March 1998, GKH Commercial Hydraulics distributes a wide-selection of Parker hydraulic pumps and valves. The company also supplies accessories, parts and kits including hydraulic diagnostic equipment, cylinders, accumulators, hoses and fittings, power take-offs, rubber and thermoplastic hoses, couplings and quick disconnects. GKH Commercial Hydraulics' reputation as a distributor and repairer of hydraulic components is based on quality, service and reliability.

Heavy duty machinery servicing

With many years of experience and manufacturer know-how, GKH Commercial Hydraulics repairs, maintains and services hydraulic pumps, valves and accessories. The company's team of mechanical and electric engineers are committed to fast and cost-effective repairs. GKH offers complete support to all projects, big or small.

GKH Commercial Hydraulics has developed an excellent reputation in the world of hydraulics. The company has been repairing and maintaining hydraulic systems for many years. Whether the problem is known or unknown, GKH's proven diagnostic process will determine how they can get a machine up and running again in the shortest time possible. Dealing with the most complex of repair situations, GKH Commercial Hydraulics gives its customers a high level of hydraulics servicing.

Heavy duty machinery servicing
GKH Commercial Hydraulics Ltd · Heavy duty machinery servicing

Specialised pumps

GKH Commercial Hydraulics supplies quality Parker hydraulic pumps that deliver an outstanding performance in the most demanding industrial and mobile applications. The company distributes Tandem and Axial piston pumps and Screw, Gear, Gerotor, Vane and Hydrostatic transmission pumps.

Tandem piston pumps GKH Commercial Hydraulics distributes the HP2 series which is composed of two independently controlled over-center piston pumps on a single drive shaft. The pistons are housed in a compact reservoir with a filter and associated valving. This pump has a typical input speed of 3600 RPM and a steady pressure of 2600 psi. Axial piston pumps These pumps come in three ranges – bent axis, inline and miniature inline. Bent axis axial piston pumps The company offers six types of these that include: 1) T1 fixed displ axial piston pumps truck applications 350 BAR 50-121 CC – developed to meet the requirements of light duty truck applications with short, non-frequently operating cycles such as tippers and small loaders. •This pump has input power of up to 71 kW, shaft speed of up to 2300 rpm and operating pressure of up to 350 bar. The pump is reliable and is easy to service. 2) VP1 load sensing truck pump – the world's first variable displacement pump for truck applications. It can be close-coupled to a gearbox PTO (power take-off) or to a coupling independent PTO (e.g. an engine PTO) which meets ISO standard 7653-1985. This pump offers variable displacement, low noise emission and has a high power-to-weight ratio. The VP1 is compact and lightweight, and is able to withstand low temperatures. 3) T1 fixed displacement bent axis truck pumps – with operating pressures of up to 350 bar (5,000 psi) and speeds up to 2300 rpm. The T1 pump has a robust design that provides circuit reliability for the most demanding truck applications. Sizes range from 81 – 121cc. 4) F1 fixed displacement bent axis truck pumps and motors – this series has operating pressures of up to 400 bar (5,800 psi) and speeds of up to 3000 rpm (sporadic pressure). Sizes range from 25 -121cc. 5) F2 fixed displacement bent axis truck twin-flow pumps – operating pressures of up to 400 bar (5,800 psi) and speeds of up to 2550 rpm. Sizes range from 45-70cc. 6) F3 fixed displacement bent axis truck pumps – a disengageable pump with operating pressures of up to 400 bar(5,800 psi)and maximum flow of up to 185 I/mim. Sizes from 82-103cc. Screw pumps Dependable and economical low pressure pumps that are free from pulsations, ensuring a long service life and quiet operation. These pumps only have three moving parts and can be installed in any position, as well as above oil level. Screw pumps have a wide-selection of applications including lube, seal oil, power hydraulics, refinery and petrochemical services. Gear pumps High and low speed pumps that provide power of up to 15,000 inch-pounds of torque with speeds ranging from 1/2 rpm to 13,000 rpm. The range of sizes is offered in gear, gerotor, vane and piston style operating configurations. The pumps are available in fixed and variable displacement motors. Parker hydraulic motors provide excellent performance with high efficiency, true wear, compensation and longer service life. Truck gear pumps are the ideal for operators of light trucks that need a high quality solution for their hydraulic power needs. In this range, GKH Commercial Hydraulics supplies the GP1/GPA series of gear pumps that are available in an array of sizes to suit a wide-selection of applications. These pumps are light and compact, and can be installed in either rear or side mount configuration due to their unique dual port layout. The smaller GPA series is built with an extruded aluminium housing for minimum weight. The larger GP1 pumps are built with compact cast iron housings for added strength. Gerotor pumps GKH Commercial Hydraulics offers the Parker QPM3 which is a low pressure pump for high efficiency (up to 10 bar, flow rate from 20 to 80 L/min). Vane pumps This range consists of the following: SDV single/double medium pressure vane pumps – a fixed displacement vane pump that is ideal ideal for low to mid pressure applications of up to 2250psi. This series has a double pump to provide the flexibility of two different displacements in one housing. The single pump delivers one displacement in one housing. This pump's compact design and low noise features makes this series well suited for filter carts, test stands, remote pilot pumps, and for hi/lo circuits. Hybrid: piston and vane combination double and triple pumps – This pump offers a wide range of displacements and has a piston unit of 42 cm3/rev (SAE B) or 62 cm3/rev (SAE C). The vane unit ranges from 10 cm3/rev to 158 cm3/rev. The pump has one inlet, one shaft (no internal torque limitations) with pressure compensators. Mobile vane pumps, T6 series – •high pressure rating, silent technology, wide range of displacements and a double shaft seal option. This pump has a wide number of shafts available. Vane pumps thru drive – •Single, double and triple pumps. •SAE A, SAE B or SAE C availability of the rear drive. 10 to 485 cm3/rev drive train pumps. Hydrostatic transmission pumps – the company supplies gold cup pumps and motors for open and closed circuit applications with operating pressures of up to 6,000 psi (420 bar) and speeds of up to 3600 rpm. These pumps have a tough design, providing circuit reliability for the most severe applications. The sizes range from 6-30 cipr (100-500cc).

Specialised pumps
GKH Commercial Hydraulics Ltd · Specialised pumps

Heavy duty machinery parts

Available in a variety of types, GKH Commercial Hydraulics offers quality Parker hydraulic valves, accessories, parts and kits that can be used in a broad range of applications. The company provides up-to-date components and complete systems to its clients, and focuses on improving its clients' productivity and profitability.

GKH Commercial Hydraulics supplies its clients with hydraulic valves of the highest quality. The company distributes the following Parker hydraulic valves accessories, parts and kits: Electrohydraulic servo valves (EHSV) – electrically operated valves that control how hydraulic fluid is loaded into an actuator. These valves are activated by transforming a changing analogue or digital input signal into a smooth set of movements in a hydraulic cylinder. Electrohydraulic servo valves (EHSV) can provide accurate control of position, velocity, pressure and force with good post movement damping characteristics. Ball valves This range comes in the following: 1) Parker 2/3 way ball valves – valves interrupt or facilitate medium flow. They can be optionally equipped with a locking device to avoid unauthorized opening and shut-off; they support the safety of the entire system. 2) BVAH high pressure ball valve – GKH Commercial Hydraulics supplies the BVAH series which is a 414 bar (6,000 PSI) ball valve with ports from 1¼' to 2″. This series is a 2-way shut-off valve used in applications with large ports. 3) BVHP high pressure ball valve – used for shut-off applications and are rated at 414 bar (6000 PSI). This valve has a variety of porting options with a wide range of accessories making it the perfect choice for high pressure systems with ports up to 1″. 4) BVAL premium suction line ball valve – meets the needs of suction line and low pressure applications. This series is available from 2½' to 4″ ports NPT, SAE and BSPP, and is designed to deliver a leak free hydraulic Suction and return line durability. This series can be used in pneumatic applications. 5) BVAM medium pressure valve – 2 way ball valves rated at 138 Bar (2000 PSI). This valve provides a cost effective solution where 414 Bar (6000 PSI) is not required. The BVAM medium pressure valve has a wide range of spindle and ball sealing materials making it most known fluid applications. 6) BVHH high pressure ball valve – used for shut-off applications and is rated at 690 bar or 10,000 PSI. The BVHH comes in ports 1/2″ to 2″ and SAE, NPT and BSPP ports. These valves represent the strongest ball valve on the market. 7) BVMM high pressure ball valve – a manifold mounted high pressure 414 bar (6000 PSI) 2 or 3-way ball valve. The mounting eliminates an external fluid connection. These valves have a variety of ball patterns to allow different flow paths and flexibility for many applications. 8) BV3D diverter ball valve – a 3-way diverter ball valve. This valve is rated at 207 Bar (3000 PSI) and is designed to economically satisfy many 3-way applications. 9) 500 low pressure ball valve – they provide total shut-off capability for services up to 41 Bar (600 PSI). This series consists of NPT female/female ports, series 510 and 501 are male/female in SAE and NPT respectfully. Series 502 features panel mounting capability. The valve has a blowout proof stem design, chrome plated brass ball and a special design handle to enable increased turn and leverage for ease of opening and closing. Hydraulic check valves These valves are unidirectional flow devices mainly used in hydraulic systems to eliminate potential damage caused by fluid back pressure. GKH supplies one- and two-stage poppets, with pilot ratios of 1:5 and 1:40. Hydraulic directional control valves GKH Commercial Hydraulics offers the largest selection of Parker hydraulic directional control valves. The company provides solenoid controlled as well as manually operated valves controlled by levers, cams, air or oil pilot. These valves are adaptable, with a large number of coil termination options available. Hydraulic flow control valves These valves are used in a wide-range of applications such as conveyors, food processing machines and material handling equipment. The company distributes a diverse range of products that ensure velocity by guaranteeing consistent flow regardless of load. Flow control valves come in a variety of materials includes stainless steel, brass and carbon steel. Hydraulic flow control valves are known throughout the industry for their performance and reliability. Hydraulic mobile valves GKH Commercial Hydraulics provides hydraulic mobile valves for nearly every mobile equipment application, from simple on/off functions to precise motion control. These include bankable control valves, motion control valves, remote controllers, directional valves and manifold mounted directional and proportional valves. Hydraulic needle valves Used for speed controls on hydraulic and pneumatic systems where a reverse flow check is not needed, Hydraulic needle valves provide excellent control and a reliable shutoff in a very small envelope. Hydraulic proportional valves This range of valves offers powerful voice-coil valve technology, which allows higher flows from smaller valves. These valves deliver extremely high response of up to 300 Hz, and are offered with or without on-board control electronics. Hydraulic seat valves GKH Commercial Hydraulics offers a broad spectrum of hydraulic seat valves designed for directional control functions. Theses valves enable individual hydraulic solutions for nominal flow up due to a large variety of poppets, springs and covers, including shuttle valves, stroke limiters, solenoid valves and position control. Hydraulic sequence valves Sequence valves are used to control the sequence of operation of two or more hydraulic actuators. The valve's pressure is set higher than the first actuator operation pressure. Once the first actuator has completed its cycle, the sequence valve opens, allowing the second actuator to move. Parker's line of pilot-operated sequence valves include a series of internally piloted, externally drained valves and a series of externally piloted, internally vented valves.

Heavy duty machinery parts
GKH Commercial Hydraulics Ltd · Heavy duty machinery parts
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