New cars

Guardian Motors is the authorised distributor for Suzuki Motor Corporation and Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, with showrooms in Lusaka and Ndola. The company stocks the Suzuki Grand Vitara (a popular 4x4 station wagon), the Suzuki Ertiga (a fuel-efficient people carrier), and the Maruti Omni Cargo (a delivery work horse).
  • Vehicle showrooms in Lusaka and Ndola
  • New vehicles include Suzuki's Grand Vitara and Ertiga and Maruti's Omni Cargo
  • Full vehicle servicing and parts available
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The Suzuki Grand VitaraThe design of the all new Grand Vitara is simply irresistible and uniquely styled. It has all the elegance demanded of a saloon car, yet achieves the convenience of a multi-purpose vehicle. Driving a Grand Vitara will definitely enhance your driving pleasure. It is a conveniently sized 4 wheel drive vehicle that delivers comprehensive off-road performance yet is perfectly at home in urban settings. The Suzuki ErtigaThe Ertiga is an ergonomically designed seven-seater multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) with a powerful and responsive engine, brought together in a stylish design to create a new-car category. It is the latest addition to the Suzuki family. Open the Ertiga door and step into a world where elegance meets comfort, with enough space to optimise the convenience of the driver and passengers. The Ertiga's competent 1.4-litre engine with fuel consumption of only 15kms per litre is the most fuel-efficient people-carrier in its class. Whether you want to use it as a company or family vehicle, the Ertiga is a practical vehicle designed to perform many functions. The Maruti Omni CargoThe Omni Cargo is armed with an 800cc engine and is perfect for city deliveries. It is a reliable utility vehicle that is fuel efficient. The Omni Cargo is an ideal delivery vehicle.

Car parts

Guardian Motors stocks and sells a full range of brand new spare parts for Suzuki motor vehicles. The company also sells spare parts for other vehicle models. Send the company an enquiry, visit their office or call them and their experienced parts department staff will help you find the spare parts that you need.
  • Spare parts for Suzuki and other motor vehicles
  • Staff will help you find the spare parts that you need
  • Company has the capacity to quickly import parts not in stock
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Guardian Motors has the capacity to advise on which part to get, and to quickly import any part not in stock. The company supplies vehicles parts that include A/C compressors, tyres, transmission parts, brakes, spark plugs, mufflers, air and cabin filters, oil filters, starter motors, alternators, starter and alternator parts, clutch plates, water pump and parts, shock absorbers, batteries and timing belts.

Car servicing and repairs

With well equipped workshops at both their Lusaka and Ndola branches, Guardian Motors has specialised and experienced mechanics that will help you keep your vehicle or in good condition. They use diagnostic machines to ensure a high standard of vehicle service and repair.
  • Fully equipped workshops for motor vehicles
  • Only genuine manufacturers' parts are used
  • Modern technology and diagnostics equipment
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With most spare parts in stock, Guardian Motors guarantees an efficient vehicle maintenance service. Following vehicle manufacturers' recommendations, Guardian Motors provides comprehensive service and maintenance carried out at the recommended time or distance interval. A complete service history adds to the resale value of a vehicle. Completed services are recorded on the computerised system.

Motor bike sales

Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan is well-known world-wide as a company that manufactures products of high quality and standard. In Zambia, Guardian Motors are the authorised distributors of Suzuki motor cycles. These motor cycles have a worldwide reputation and heritage of being strong both on-road and off-road.
  • Distributors of Suzuki motor cycles in Zambia
  • On/off road motor cycles ideal for deliveries
  • Servicing and parts available
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Suzuki motor cycles are built without compromise and are excellent for small deliveries, being economical on fuel and maintenance. Guardian Motors Ltd is the authorised distributor of the following Suzuki motorcycles in Zambia: The Suzuki DR200 motorcycleThe Suzuki DR200 is one of the best selling 200cc motor cycle on the Zambian market. Powered by a 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air cooled engine, this on/off road bike is a utility motorcycle designed for rigorous conditions. The Suzuki TF125 motorcycle The Suzuki TF125 motorcycle, powered by a reliable reed inlet valve air-cooled 2 stroke engine, is equipped to fully meet the requirements of a run-about bike with the versatility to cope with tough road conditions. The Suzuki GN125 motorcycle The Suzuki GN125 is a town motor cycle ideal for city deliveries. Deliver mail and parcels economically and in style with the Suzuki GN125.

Bike parts and accessories

Guardian Motors is a major supplier of a wide selection of motorcycle parts and accessories including engines, gear boxes, exhaust systems, brake pads, batteries, hand controls, tyres and safety gear. The company has partnered with Suzuki and other major brands to bring you the best products available.
  • A wide selection of motorcycle engine and body parts
  • OEM parts for Suzuki and most major motorcycle brands
  • Parts for general motorcycle maintenance or repair
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For general maintenance or repair to your motorcycle, Guardian Motors is a premier supplier and distributor of high quality Suzuki replacement parts and accessories. The company has one of the largest selections of aftermarket and OEM parts available for most major motorcycle manufacturers. Guardian Motors provides OEM schematics to ensure you get the correct part for your bike. Maintaining a huge inventory and offering an exceptional service, Guardian Motors is your ideal one stop shop for all motorcycle parts and accessories. The company has set higher standards for the aftermarket industry.

Bike service and maintenance

Guardian Motors offers a full range of services on the maintenance and care of your motorcycle. With highly experienced mechanics, you can be assured that the service you will receive at this company will be first rate. Guardian Motors prides themselves in providing an honest and value for money repair service so that you ride away happy.
  • World class motorcycle repair and maintenance services
  • Company uses up-to-date equipment and OEM parts
  • Highly experienced mechanics
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Regular maintenance is essential to ensure a long life for your motorbike and your own safety. Guardian Motors offers a complete range of motorcycle repair, diagnostic and servicing solutions. Their honest and knowledgeable team will explain to you the repairs required and liaise with you before doing any work. The company uses up-to-date equipment and OEM parts to provide an outstanding service. Guardian Motors always services to the manufacturers' specifications for your peace of mind.

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