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For a self-drive adventure in Zambia, Hemingways 4x4 Vehicle Hire provides you with the ultimate 4x4 vehicle. The vehicles are designed for use by anyone from an African bush beginner to an experienced off-road driver. Hemingways offer the freedom of a self-drive holiday with the experience of luxury camping. Vehicles are fully equipped with everything from bedding to the kitchen sink! Specialised equipment is also available. If camping is not for you, book into lodges along your route.
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Car rentals

Hemingways 4x4 Vehicle Hire only purchases brand new Toyota Hilux vehicles that are converted into fully equipped 4×4 vehicles. The company has vast knowledge of the Zambian road system and is able to give advice on the right vehicle to use in order to reach those special remote areas. Their vehicles are serviced by a fully qualified mechanic after every hire.

Hemingways 4×4 Vehicle Hire has a variety of vehicles ranging from game viewers to fully equipped 4×4's for self-drive adventures.

All vehicles have been specially adapted with the following features:

  • Raised suspension to give higher clearance on 4×4 trails
  • 150 litre fuel tanks giving an approximate range of 1500km on one tank of fuel (depending on terrain)
  • Bull bars on the front and rear to add extra protection from the environment
  • Leisure battery meaning your fridge is running even when your engine is off
  • 2 spare tyres as standard
  • 70 litre water tanks fitted to all vehicles

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