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Looking for heavy trucks that cover a broad range of applications? With a manufacturing plant in China, Hualong Automobile Investment is the exclusive agent for high-quality Sinotruk-brand trucks to the Zambian market, together with all the backup services you are likely to need. The company provides an efficient and responsive after-sales service with a full complement of genuine spare parts. To maintain your vehicle's condition, Hualong offers comprehensive truck maintenance services.

Truck and Bus sales

Visit Hualong Automobile to view a variety of well-established truck brands — SITRAK, HOHAN, HOWO, Steyr, Gold Prince, Huanghe and many others. With a range that includes dump trucks, sprinkler trucks, tank trucks, crane trucks, lowbed trucks and specialist refrigeration trucks, this company is likely to have a truck to suit your needs.

Dump truck The Sinotruk HOWO series dump truck features high-bearing capacity, high speed, low fuel consumption, a 266-371 horse power engine and the option for left or right hand drive. Characteristics of the Sinotruk dump truck:

  • The length of the carriage is from 5m to 9.6m
  • The volume of the carriage is from 10 to 40 cubic meters
  • A matching variety of lifting mechanisms
  • The drive types are 4X2, 6X4 and 8X4
  • The total tonnage is from 6 tons – 31 tons

Sprinkler truck This truck has a 290-371 horsepower engine with a tank volume of 5-30 cubic litres. Sprinkler trucks are suitable for various kinds of road cleaning, green belt washing, construction of factories and mine flushing. The truck can also carry water, drain, and extinguish fires. Tank truck for petrochemical products The vehicle is used to transport petrochemical products such as diesel, gasoline, coal tar and lubricating oil. The tank truck provides multiple delivery functions including oil suction and pumping, and separate loading of multiple oils. These trucks are ideal for the safe handling and transportation of hazardous liquids. Crane truck This vehicle integrates lifting, unloading and transportation and features a small-volume, light-weight, compact structure, simple operation, high operation efficiency, safe and reliable operation, low shipping cost, and high economic benefit. The crane truck is ideal for use in ports, warehouses, construction sites, mines and even limited access areas. Lowbed truck The Sinotruk lowbed truck is versatile and can be used to transport non-collapsible objects, such as bulldozers, excavators, forklifts and other construction machinery. Wrecker truck The wrecker truck includes a chassis, crane, lifting traction device, hydraulic system, electric control system, frame, and toolbox. This vehicle has multiple functions such as lifting, dragging, elevating, and traction. The truck is suitable for removing wreckage on roadways. Aerial work platform truck The aerial work platform truck has an operating height of 10m to 24m and a large operation radius with smooth lifting and lowering. This vehicle is equipped with a self-locking device for safe and reliable operation and is ideal for aerial works such as maintenance of street lights, overhead cleaning and maintenance of electric circuits. Bulk powder material truck This vehicle is suitable for the transportation of fly ash, cement, lime powder, or powder ore. The bulk powder material truck can also store and transport different powder and particle materials in separate compartments. Concrete mixing truck The concrete mixing truck incorporates original and imported hydraulic equipment and offers high consistency, high bottom discharge residual rate, and convenient operation. Whether the truck is used for concrete mixing or agitation conveying, the vehicle produces high quality concrete. The concrete mixing truck is widely used in urban construction, highway, railway, hydro-power and other sectors. Maintenance truck This field truck is equipped with up-to-date equipment that includes a generator set, DC welding machine, air pump, bench type drilling machine, vertical grinding wheel, gas cutting equipment, table vice, pneumatic wrench, straight side press, and work platform. Lubrication maintenance vehicle The lubrication maintenance vehicle is a type of on-board mobile centralised filling station for lubricating oil or grease. The vehicle is used to fill motor oil, gear oil, detergent, antifreeze, hydraulic oil, grease and similar liquids into different types of equipment. Refrigerated truck Made of durable, premium-quality insulation and lining, this vehicle is designed to carry perishable goods at specific temperatures. The refrigerated truck is suitable for leading franchise operators, caterers, restaurateurs, and institutional meal providers. The truck meets the demands of the ever-changing food industry. Blasting equipment truck The blasting equipment truck is used for dynamite transfer and detonator transfer, and is explosion-proof. Fire truck The fire truck is a mobile fire protection vehicle that is used for fire extinguishing, auxiliary extinguishing and fire rescue. The vehicle can also be used as a water tanker or a foam powder truck. Faecal suction truck This vehicle is used to pump sewage, polluted water and pulp sludge. The faecal suction truck also has a watering component and a divided container for water and garbage. Sewage suction truck With a tank made of carbon steel or stainless steel material, this vehicle is used to suck sewage from manholes or mud from ditches. Asphalt spraying truck The asphalt sprayer is an intelligent high-tech vehicle which can spread emulsified asphalt, fluxed asphalt, oil refined asphalt, heated asphalt, heavy traffic paving asphalt and high viscosity modified asphalt. This vehicle has been widely used in highway construction and road maintenance works. The vehicle can also be used for transportation of liquid asphalt or other heavy oils. Tractor truck The Sinotruk tractor truck is fitted with a powerful engine and provides motive power for hauling a trailered load. This truck is mostly used to transport a wide range of heavy-duty equipment and machinery. The Hualong comprehensive truck range

  • Dump trucks
  • Lowbed trucks
  • Crane trucks
  • Tank trucks
  • Maintenance trucks
  • Fire trucks
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Sewage suction trucks
  • Many more
Truck and Bus sales
Hualong Automobile Investment Ltd · Truck and Bus sales

Truck and Bus parts

Hualong Automobile manufactures a wide variety of quality brand-new truck parts and accessories. The company stocks spares for dump trucks, tractor trucks, cargo trucks, cement mixer trucks, special vehicles, light trucks and semi-trailers. All parts manufactured have been through an extensive quality control process.

Hualong Automobile Investment has a state of the art parts centre in China that manufactures a wide variety of genuine parts. The company manufactures brake parts, clutch parts, gearbox parts, suspension axle and chassis parts, steering parts, and engine parts. It is able to import parts that are not in stock in the shortest possible time.

Truck and Bus parts
Hualong Automobile Investment Ltd · Truck and Bus parts

Truck and Bus maintenance

Focusing on minimising your operating costs, Hualong Automobile Investment offers a full range of truck maintenance services to help you keep your vehicle on the road. The company uses up-to-date maintenance technology matched with highly-trained and professional staff.

Hualong offers excellent repair and maintenance packages that include preventive, comprehensive, on-site and mobile maintenance. The company's knowledgeable and professional personnel are happy to work with you to customise a package that best complements your truck operations. Their quality parts ensure you will receive a high standard of truck maintenance.

Truck and Bus maintenance
Hualong Automobile Investment Ltd · Truck and Bus maintenance
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