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It has a variety of beautiful and contemporary religious gifts for different occasions – weddings, anniversaries, new baby celebrations, christenings, dedications, ordinations and birthdays. Apart from retail orders, it welcomes enquiries from schools, churches, repositories and businesses. It offers free personal advice, wealth coaching lessons, prayer teaching and scripture teaching.
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Cairo Road, Lusaka
9 Cairo Mall Cairo Road, Central Business District, Lusaka, Zambia
Open today: 08:00-17:00
+260 966 027 659, +260 963 516 104

Gift shops and Souvenirs

This is the only shop in Zambia where you can find spiritual ornaments such as incenses, charcoal burners and sacred art such as paintings, statues and crosses. Incenso also has special printed prayers with incense, to help with many life challenging situations.

If you are looking for a special piece of jewellery with a Christian theme or want a piece of art to decorate your home, church, bedroom or office, then Incenso is the place to visit. These ornaments come from some of the most revered places from across the world, such as the Vatican, La Madonna del Pozzo and La Madonna del Divino Amore chapel in Italy.

All Incenso products have either been blessed by the Pope, archbishops or priests from highly regarded sanctuaries and churches across the globe. Incenso caters for people of different religious denominations – Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and those who enjoy spiritual readings and meditation.

About Incenso

Established a little over 5 years ago in Rome, Incenso started as a small family business providing traditional religious supplies and souvenirs. Incenso has since grown to become a successful enterprise with three branches in Italy, UK and now Zambia, working closely with churches as well as governments to provide spiritual awakening and prayer products for the general public.

All items are of the highest quality and are imported from Fatima, Italy, India, Israel and USA. Incenso offers personal customer service with a team of friendly staff members available to attend to clients.

Payment methods

Incenso offers clients several options for payment – secure credit or debit card payment is available to customers worldwide.

The company is also able to ship products to just about anywhere in the world. Smaller items can be ordered from the Incenso website, where the shipping price will be calculated automatically. Contact Incenso directly for international shipping prices.

Incenso incense products

  • Wealth mix – this mix, accompanied by special prayers, is designed to invite prosperity into the home and attract money, luck and success when it is burned
  • Seduction mix – this mix, accompanied by special prayers, is designed for those seeking passion in their love life
  • Arch angels mix – this mix is designed to invite the favour, protection and intercession of Heaven's legions of angels into your prayer and into your everyday life
  • 7 Chakras mix – this mix is designed to help those who feel overloaded and restless to relax, meditate, unwind and discover their inner self
  • 3 Kings resin mix – this mix is produced from an ancient recipe combining three of the most prized resins: frankincense, myrrh and benzoin. It is designed to create an atmosphere that promotes deep meditation, prayer and tranquility
  • Californian white sage – the ancients used the burning of white sage (also called sacred sage) to cleanse their environments. This mix is designed to cleanse the energy field within your home (or business) to aid in attracting desirable positive energies
  • Rosaries – Incenso has different types of rosaries made out of crystals, pearls, olive wood, gold and silver. All rosaries have been anointed and blessed by the current Pope Francis. They are designed to rebuke demonic forces and ward of evil spells, to protect from unforeseen circumstances, accidents and diseases, to receive blessings and help you stay in connection with the Holy Spirit
  • Sacred holy art – different cultures all over the world have places regarded as sacred or holy. Such places are frequently marked or embellished by architectural structures and art. Incenso has different types of artefacts from these places, such as paintings and sculptures.

Incenso products include

  • Incenses
  • Charcoal burners
  • 'Sacred art' such as paintings, statues and crosses
  • Various incense mixes
  • Rosaries
  • Free personal advice
  • Wealth coaching lessons
  • Prayer teaching
  • Scripture teaching

Incenso sources its products from

  • Fatima
  • Italy
  • India
  • Israel
  • USA

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