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Intertruck Zambia

Intertruck Zambia is one of the leading suppliers of parts for trucks and trailers. With their one-stop-shop principle they offer a complete range of products. Next to the European Intertruck brand the range covers all major A-brands. All products are manufactured in compliance with European standards and according to OEM specifications. With its central location in Lusaka, near to Lumumba Road, the Intertruck shop and warehouse are easily accessible. Intertruck Zambia's constant high stock levels guarantee a quick delivery.
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Buyantanshi Road, Lusaka
6940 Buyantanshi Road, Industrial Area, Lusaka, Zambia
Open today: 08:00-17:00
+260 211 240307, +260 971 935310, +260 965 418616

Truck and Bus parts

Intertruck Zambia understands the uptime of your fleet. With the one-stop-shop philosophy they can meet your demands directly from the local stock. Intertruck products are being produced according to OEM specifications and meet all European quality standards, making them excellent value for your money.

Intertruck Group

Intertruck Zambia is part of the Intertruck Group, an internationally operating supplier of truck, trailer, bus and off-highway vehicle parts, established in 1963. With their European headquarters in the Netherlands they supply a network of wholesale partners across Europe.

With their experience of more than 50 years in the heavy duty business, the company has become a leading worldwide player in producing, importing and distributing parts in the heavy duty sector. Intertruck is based on the principle of European quality; they keep their promise and are reliable. With a worldwide logistic system they ensure a rapid and constant delivery of parts.

One of the guidelines of the Intertruck brand is 'Never compromise on quality'. This phrase expresses the philosophy of the company for a consistent high quality of its products. The wide assortment of the Intertruck brand is currently covering over 12, 000 product varieties, all available in Zambia.

The range offers parts for Volvo, Scania, Mercedes, MAN, DAF, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and Freightliner and a complete range of trailer parts. Next to its 1,500m2 warehouse, the Intertruck shop offers customers a large showroom where the Intertruck range is presented. The experienced staff can identify any kind of product and will answer all queries. With their own delivery service, Intertruck Zambia guarantees a fast delivery throughout Lusaka.

Intertruck Zambia · Truck and Bus parts

Trailer parts

Intertruck Zambia offers a wide range of quality products, covering almost every truck and trailer application including axle and brake parts, air brakes, electrical power systems, chassis and suspensions, cabin parts, as well as safety and signaling parts. Equal to value for money, this company offers the best quality at competitive prices.

Shortlist of the Intertruck range:

  • Axle and brake parts
  • Air brake components
  • Lighting
  • Electrical power system
  • Engine
  • Chassis and suspension
  • Cabin and body
  • Safety and signaling parts

These parts are offered for all well-known European and USA truck and trailer brands and applications. For the distribution of the Intertruck parts, the company has assigned official local distributors. The local knowledge, the fast delivery and complete stock offers the customer the highest service and availability.

Intertruck Zambia

  • ATP local distributor
  • Highest service
  • Complete stock

Intertruck Zambia · Trailer parts