Second hand cars in Lusaka, Zambia

J-Kent Solutions sources and ships various makes, models and sizes of reliable second-hand cars and trucks. The company arranges fitness inspections (MOT and JEVIC) before shipment and helps with local customs and clearance. J-Kent offers a comprehensive and competitively-priced vehicle transport and shipping service.
  • A UK base for efficient sourcing and export
  • Pre-clearing services through Walvis Bay
  • Help in clearing vehicles through customs (ZRA) in Zambia
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This company provides quality used saloon cars, 4x4s, refrigerated and box trucks with traceable service history, from very reputable British dealerships. Being a leader in the provision of shipping and brokerage services, the company has a reputation for excellence in high quality service and value. Within the J-Kent team are specialised marketing consultants with qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Monitoring of the importation process J-Kent Solutions locates and monitors shipments from pick up through to delivery. Before carriers are dispatched for pick up, vehicles drivers are thoroughly screened to ensure they are courteous, prompt and efficient. Competencies J-Kent Solutions has taken time to understand the difficulties faced by working individuals, families and organisations in Zambia when attempting to source and secure reliable vehicles from abroad. It has developed a system that streamlines the vehicle importation process. J-Kent Solutions services:

  • Sources all types of reliable and durable motor vehicles
  • Arranges fitness inspections (MOT and JEVIC) before shipment
  • Vehicle pick up and delivery from port destination to your door step
  • Arranges local customs clearance

Agricultural equipment in Lusaka, Zambia

J-Kent Solutions is a popular choice for the sourcing and shipping of quality used farming and earth-moving equipment to Zambia. With the goal of giving clients great value for money, the company provides high quality agricultural equipment of different types and sizes, including tractors and bulldozers, compactors and graders.
  • Tractor units of different makes and models
  • A comprehensive range of earth-moving equipment
  • Professional and comprehensive shipping and brokerage
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J-Kent Solutions is one of Zambia's leading shipping and brokerage service providers with a reputation for excellence and value. J-Kent Solutions sources and ships high quality and reliable tractors and agricultural machinery for farmers in Africa. It also provides a comprehensive and cost effective importation service. J-Kent Solutions follows best practices in terms of sustainability and environmental stewardship. The company is fully compliant with JEVIC. Clearing services J-Kent Solutions provides clearing services for all types of agricultural vehicles from tractors to graders. It also offers pre-clearance services to deal with all paperwork before the vessel arrives, to avoid time and resource wastage. In addition J-Kent Solutions can provide drivers to deliver vehicles from the port. Service levels J-Kent Solutions is transparent in its business dealings. Business transactions with clients are held in the highest confidence. The company aims to always deliver within the agreed time frame. In addition it takes full responsibility for actions and dealings in all its business transactions. Other heavy duty vehicles In addition to tractors and earth-moving equipment, J-Kent Solutions import refrigerated trucks and tipper trucks for clients.

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