Pre-schools in Lusaka, Zambia

This center offers day care from ages 4 months to 1 year 6 months, baby class from ages 1 year 6 months to 3 years, middle class from 3 years to 4 years and reception class from 4 years to 5 years. Kasiya Private School's high staff ratio helps it to meet the individual needs of each child.
  • Day care, as well as baby, middle and reception class
  • High staff ratio helps to ensure that it meets the individual needs of each child
  • A safe and nurturing environment
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Kasiya Private School gives children various opportunities to interact with one another and build knowledge through hands-on learning experiences. It is a safe and nurturing environment, which allows children to grow socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically in a culturally diverse classroom. Kasiya Private School has a low child to teacher ratio and their staff is comprised of dedicated educators to deliver the highest level of pre-school education.

Primary schools in Lusaka, Zambia

Kasiya Private School offers an outstanding primary school education from grades 1 to 7. The center has a mission to provide an educational environment that adequately prepares its pupils for secondary school education. There are a wide variety of extra-curricular activities available to pupils.
  • An outstanding primary school education from grades 1 to 7
  • Wide variety of extra-curricular activities available
  • A happy, secure and caring learning environment
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Kasiya Private School provides its pupils with access to a wide array of opportunities by fostering academic excellence and imparting self-belief, intellectual curiosity and responsibility towards others in society. At this happy, secure and caring environment, pupils can reach their full potential. Kasiya Private School encourages its pupils to have enquiring minds, take pride in their achievements and have respect for moral and personal values.

Maids and Childcare in Lusaka, Zambia

In their continued effort to ensure parents work stress free, Kasiya Private School provides maids and gardeners for hire. Maids are trained in general cleaning, laundry, food production, baby care and first aid. Gardeners are trained in vegetable growing, flower gardening, cleaning of vehicles and pavements.
  • Professionally trained maids and gardeners for hire
  • Various care services
  • Funeral catering services
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Care services offered by Kasiya Private School include: Overnight care For parents on shift work, working out of town, attending to patients or funerals. For periods up to 2 weeks. Drop in care (for 1 day) For children whose maid has not turned up for the day or for parents with the above mentioned responsibilities. Half day care – for assistance with homework; for children from other schools. Weekend care – for the parents who work weekends or have weekend commitments. Holiday care and tuition – for children that need to be looked after and taught during holidays. Immunisations - for pupils to the nearest hosipital or clinic. Other services offeredFuneral catering Kasiya provides catering services at funerals using their trained maids and cooks so that mourning parents are not subjected to cooking when they lose their loved ones.

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2084/M Main Street, Ibex Hill, Lusaka, Zambia
P.O. Box
Routway Services, P.O. BOX 320183, Woodlands, Lusaka, Zambia
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+260 955 222267, +260 962 321067, +260 977 961763

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