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Kingdom Door Industrial Company Ltd

The Kingdom Door Industrial Company provides exceptional quality doors at competitive prices – using Chinese expertise to make these high standards available. For buildings where only the best will do. The company designs, develops and manufactures many kinds of doors, to suit all kinds of requirements – steel doors, solid wooden armoured doors, PVC MDF interior doors and garage doors.

Building materials

Kingdom Door has earned a high reputation for the supply of doors to both the domestic and commercial markets. Their extensive showroom stocks a full range to give you a better idea of the extremely high quality and the variety of designs. Doors are customisable to suit your specific requirements.

When shopping you must consider whether you need an exterior or an interior door:

Exterior doors and garage doors

A combination of steel and wood is ideal for armoured exterior doors. The steel is veneered with a wood laminate. Alternatively these doors may be made of solid metal. They come with a sturdy locking system to prevent intruders. For a secure front door, stainless steel is used. For additional natural lighting, choose an exterior door that includes a glass panel to brighten up a hallway. Kingdom Door also stocks a range of garage doors.

Interior doors and fire doors

Interior doors are usually made of wood or PVC. Interior doors may be a hinged door, a sliding door (glass or wooden), or a folding door. Fire doors are made of steel. Come and see the full range in the Kingdom Door showroom.

Ceilings and aluminium doors and windows

Kingdom Door now also stocks a range of ceilings in different designs to suit different needs, as well as aluminium doors and windows. Check for details using the contact details on the right or the enquiry form below.Kingdom Door range

  • Exterior doors in steel and wood
  • Exterior doors in metal only
  • Aluminium doors and windows
  • Interior doors in wood or PVC
  • Steel fire doors
  • Garage doors
  • Ceilings
Building materials

Kingdom Door Industrial Company Ltd · Building materials