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KPR Consulting was established in 2009 to offer a fresh thinking and results-driven approach to public relations consultancy in Zambia. Specialising in strategic communications, stakeholder engagement and reputation management, the company focuses on public relations strategies that support the commercial objectives of their clients. This consultancy represents local and international clients in such sectors as agribusiness, finance, electronics, aviation, international development, oil marketing and real estate.
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Marketing and PR

KPR Consulting has a strong reputation for media relations, reputation and stakeholder management as well as execution of strategic communications strategies. The company manages successful national and regional PR campaigns for a range of clients, from respected multinationals to local startups.

The company also has a reputation for precision in its services, delivering best practice solutions to multinationals, NGOs, local startups and a range of institutions across various social causes and business sectors. KPR Consulting has a culture of clarity in the way it communicates and does not propose objectives as strategy or weigh down clients with complex PR jargon.

Fresh thinking and ahead of the curve

Trends in communication continue to rapidly evolve and KPR Consulting remains ahead of the curve with strategic engagement and relationships with opinion formers, thought leaders, and influencers.

The company's energetic team is suited to the modern demands of PR. The recent emergence of citizen journalists, bloggers and digital media is aligned to the consultancy's fresh-thinking approach to communication.

Value driven PR services

KPR Consulting takes keen interest in understanding each client's commercial objectives, helping them drive business growth through strategic public relations. The company regularly pulls in specialist resource consultants to deliver top business, communications and corporate expertise.KPR Consulting services include

  • PR copywriting
  • Media and stakeholder relations
  • Communications policy
  • Media training
  • Digital media strategy
  • Business to business communications
  • Crisis management
  • Reputation management

KPR Consulting Ltd · Marketing and PR

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