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The nation has a deep reverence for burial rites. Leopards Hill Memorial Park is a response to the lack of dignified burial grounds. It is a landscaped environment including sections of irrigated lawns and 24 hour security – a fitting setting for the dignified interment of loved ones.
  • Various types of burial sites to suit individual needs
  • Remembrance halls
  • Viewing rooms
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Leopards Hill Memorial Park's main entrance is on Twin Palm Road, with a secondary entrance on Leopards Hill Road. The park lies between Lusaka's Old Leopards Hill and New Leopards Hill cemeteries. Burial sites The cemetery offers various types of burial sites to suit individual needs and budgets, ensuring a less stressful interment process for friends, family and loved ones. Together with viewing rooms, there are lawn sites, memorial sites and family sites.

  • Mazulo single – sequential burying – single lawn site – ZMW1500
  • Sunset single – single lawn site near gate – ZMW3250
  • Eternity single – single lawn site near halls – ZMW3750
  • Horizon memorial – single memorial site near centre circle – ZMW5250
  • All prices are inclusive of burial and maintenance trust fees
  • Only a headstone is permitted on a lawn site
  • A headstone and memorial stone are permitted on a memorial site
  • Double sites and family sites are available (prices available on request)

Lawn style grave sites These sites follow a contemporary styled burial site consisting of a tomb-stone in a concrete footing, within beautifully maintained, irrigated lawns. These sites cover a large area of the park. Memorial style grave sites Generally, these sites follow a European style burial site, consisting of a tombstone, a flagstone and a kerb. The memorial section is restricted to certain areas of the park. Family grave sites The family section allows more customisation than is available within memorial and lawn sections. Select this type if you have very specific requirements for the site. Distinguished citizen grave sites This is a reserved section of the burial ground for Zambian citizens whose service to the country has been exemplary and inspirational, such as achievement of formal, national acknowledgement with an eagle order of merit. By honouring such individuals a legacy is left to encourage others to emulate their example. This is one of the ways Leopards Hill Memorial Park gives back to the local community, as well as to the nation at large. Leopards Hill Memorial Park facilities

  • Feature entrance gate
  • 24-hour security
  • Administration and sales building
  • Maintenance facilities
  • Crushed stone roads and parking spaces
  • Water feature
  • Year-round irrigation

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