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LAWS is dedicated to finding a safe home for abused domestic animals and has rescued many animals that have been starved, abused or abandoned. The work of LAWS is especially important because the control and welfare of domestic animal population reinforces sanitation.
  • Qualified staff members that help feed, wash and take care of the animals
  • Sponsor-a-stray by contributing K500
  • Sponsor-a-kennel for K1,000 per month
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The control and welfare of domestic animal population also reinforces health and security for Zambia's human population. LAWS is currently the only organisation in Lusaka that does this work. All animals rescued by LAWS are de-wormed, vaccinated, treated medically where necessary,

About LAWS

The Lusaka Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) is a registered charity that takes care of abused domestic animals, particularly dogs and cats.

LAWS services

Education and awareness counselling towards anti-cruelty: LAWS is an advocate against animal cruelty and has counselled many groups and individuals on animal care issues. The charity has made appearances on the local television station MUVI-TV and several other public media platforms addressing the issue of animal cruelty and rescue. LAWS is always available for a visit to schools or organisations who are interested in discussing animal care issues.

How you can help

LAWS is a non-profit organisation and does not receive any funding from the Government. LAWS functions entirely through the financial support of volunteers and private donations. The LAWS committee also plays a vital role in ensuring that the charity continues to exist. With spiralling costs for food, veterinary services, staff wages, and other maintenance costs related to running a shelter, fundraising is a constant need for LAWS.

Adopt or foster: The LAWS shelter is almost always full or beyond full. Consider adopting an animal to give them the love and permanent home they need.

Donate: LAWS appreciates any amount that you can donate and offers a receipt for every donation. Donations of food and supplies are also appreciated.

Become a member: A membership fee of K100,000 is charged and this comes with a membership card and 20% discount to LAWS events. This small membership fee contributes to the running costs of LAWS.

Advertise: Paid advertisements on the LAWS website or in the Animal Issues E-Newsletter are another way to help LAWS to raise much-needed funds.

Sponsor: Corporate and individual sponsorships provide LAWS with the steady revenue source that is needed to continue to help animals. Sponsorship options include:

Volunteer: Contribute by giving your time to fundraise, socialise with and walk the dogs.

LAWS services

  • Anti-cruelty and animal rescue
  • Education and awareness counselling
  • Rabies campaigns and mobile vet clinics
  • Re-homing
  • Spaying/neutering

How you can help LAWS

  • Adopt/foster a pet
  • Advertise on the LAWS website
  • Become a member of LAWS
  • Sponsor an animal or a kennel
  • Volunteer
  • Donate

Some LAWS sponsors include

  • Ad-dicts Ads
  • Becky James Foundation
  • Country Choice Chicken
  • Embassy of Denmark
  • Spay-is-the-Way
  • SPCA International
  • Tigerfeeds
  • World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA)
  • Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS)
  • Zambeef

Pets and Pet care in Lusaka, Zambia

The LAWS team of dedicated staff and volunteers deals with many animals. These are lost, abused, or abandoned animals which are cared for until their rightful owners can be found or they can be placed in new homes. This organisation de-worms, vaccinates, treats medically, neuters and homes all animals rescued.
  • The team provides individualised attention to pets, keeping it healthy and happy
  • Clean, comfortable accommodations for pets of all shapes and sizes
  • Pets receive care and love from dedicated staff and volunteers
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The LAWS shelter runs under the supervision of a small paid staff assisted by volunteers who help clean cages, feed and walk the animals and run various events and fundraisers.

Re-homing animals: LAWS aims to find new homes for animals that have been abused, neglected, abandoned or otherwise surrendered through no fault of their own. Every rescued animal is given all necessary treatment to ensure that it is in good health before it is re-homed.

Rabies campaigns and mobile vet clinics: LAWS has run nine free rabies vaccination campaigns so far. These have taken place in Chipata, Linda, Matero, Kalingalinga and Chunga Compounds where they vaccinated nearly 6000 animals at no cost to their owners. This has been supported by the Becky James Charity, RSPCA and local individuals. With the support of Worldwide Veterinary Services (WVS) LAWS ran its first ever mobile vet clinic in 2009 at the Chunga Compound. Over 600 dogs were de-wormed, dipped or treated for medical conditions free-of-charge.

Spraying/neutering: Many pet owners cannot afford to spray or neuter their pets. LAWS works with seven local veterinary clinics around Lusaka and pay for the sterilization of pets. LAWS is able to provide these services with the financial support from Spay is the Way, Danida, Ad-dicts Ads and SPCA International. Spaying and neutering helps to control domestic animal numbers and ensure their humane treatment. So far a total of 1089 pets have been sterilized for free.

Animal sanctuaries in Lusaka, Zambia

LAWS manages a small shelter that can house up to 30 dogs and 10 cats. However, the shelter is almost always full. The number of adoptive families falls short of the number of animals that need help. LAWS welcomes the general public to visit the shelter at any time to see the animals that are available for adoption.
  • The sanctuary gives an opportunity to adopt animals
  • All animals will be cared for until a suitable home, permanent or foster, is found
  • LAWS reserves the right to refuse any adoption that is found unsuitable
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LAWS mission is to promote the welfare of all animals, to provide shelter and care, and prevent cruelty and suffering for those animals in need. This organisation has a team of volunteers who are welcome to play, socialise with and give basic training to the animals since staff members are often too busy to provide this level of attention all the time. Volunteers can also help by walking the dogs.

It is the goal of LAWS to ensure this potential adoption is in the best interest of both the animal and prospective adopters. At the shelter, an adoption counsellor will work with you to determine which pet suits your particular circumstances.

LAWS offers care and a peaceful living environment for abused, aged or homeless animals. They provide an open space facility where these “special needs” animals can be provided with medical care, love, and attention that will ultimately lead to their adoption. If an adoption isn’t possible, the sanctuary provides a lifetime refuge for these animals.

Contact information

Sadzu Road, Fairview, Lusaka, Zambia
P.O. Box
PO Box 30258, Lusaka, Zambia
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+260 966 005297

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