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Microlink Technologies Ltd

Established in 2011 Microlink Technologies provides installation and maintenance services for IT networks and computers, mobile phones, land lines, radio and television as well as internet service providers (ISPs). Their packages are designed to meet your needs, catering to home users and organizations. Their products include: wireless broadband, virtual private network (VPN) connections, VSAT solutions, dial-up connections as well as mail and web hosting solutions. They support a network of hotspots called I-Zone.

Telecoms and IT

Microlink Technologies is a leading provider of products and professional services for satellite-based broadband communications networks worldwide. It provides cost effective solutions for enterprises, NGOs and government institutions through extensive satellite communication platforms.

Microlink Technologies Ltd · Telecoms and IT

Phone, TV and internet

Microlink Technologies offers broadband wireless internet connection, virtual private network (VPN) connections, VSAT solutions, WiMAX, or 4G internet solutions at cost effective rates to home users and large organizations. Microlink's Nano is a cost-effective option, designed for home use, affordable high-speed broadband.

Microlink Technologies Ltd · Phone, TV and internet


Microlink Traveller is a web-based mail client, from which you can send and receive e-mails from anywhere in the world. It has an address-book, customizable preferences, and various folder options. Their web-based e-mail program allows you to check your mail anywhere in the world.

Microlink Technologies Ltd · Software

Web hosting services

Microlink Technologies provide web-hosting services, with PHP & MySQL capability. They offer SCP services for clients to upload/make changes to their website. They can host your domain to enable you to receive e-mails at that domain, have your own website, etc. We provide e-mail aliasing and forwarding.

Microlink Technologies Ltd · Web hosting services