Camping and Outdoor equipment in Lusaka, Zambia

Explore Zambia's great outdoors with tents supplied by Mudpackers Zambia. These tents are practical and spacious, and come as basic or luxury for 'glamping'. To complete the experience Mudpackers can supply CADAC gas canisters refilled while you wait, and solar panels.
  • Tents and shelters from Tentco and Echo 4x4
  • Jonsson’s legendary khakis and Rogue hats, caps and shoes all in stock
  • CADAC gas canisters and solar accessories from Flexopower
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4x4 off road centre in Lusaka, Zambia

With custom solutions for any make, Mudpackers Zambia offers 4x4 vehicle conversions for off road use. Their professional mechanics services include installation of equipment and accessories such as suspensions, tyre fitments, snorkels, winches, retrofitting of storage solutions and fitting of bull bars.
  • 4x4 vehicle conversions for off road use
  • Equipment and accessories from top manufacturers
  • Professional practical advice on what equipment you will need
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4x4 rental service in Lusaka, Zambia

Mudpackers offers a 4x4 rental service with vehicles from Drive The Wild available to collect anywhere in Zambia. The vehicles are ruggedized specially for the terrain in which they get used. Camping gear inclusive of cutlery, table, chairs, groundsheet, stretchers, inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags can also be supplied.
  • Overland vehicles from Drive the Wild
  • Available to collect anywhere in Zambia
  • Ruggedized specially for the terrain in which they get used
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