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Mungwi Centre

Mungwi Centre is one of the largest warehousing complexes in Lusaka. The company provides warehouse space and shops to let, ranging between 200m2 and 3360m2. It is also supplies a large assortment of products from its retail outlets, including hardware and fittings. This allows customers to be competitive in their industry, increasing their profitability by reducing the operational costs associated with distribution chains. The company delivers secure and safe storage for retail and high-security items.
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Mungwi Road, Lusaka
7403 Mungwi Road, Industrial Area, Lusaka, Zambia
Open today: 08:00-18:00

Storage and warehousing

Mungwi Centre offers tailored and fully integrated warehouse and storage management services. With short- and long-term warehousing available, Mungwi fulfils your requirements by selecting the most efficient storage designs combined with material handling and warehouse management systems for peak performance.

Mungwi Centre · Storage and warehousing