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Mwaleshi Camp, located in the remote North Luangwa National Park, is situated 10km from the Mwaleshi and Luangwa river confluence. Here guests may catch a glimpse of hyenas hunting puku in the shallow waters of the Mwaleshi, enjoy impressive herds of buffalo, the endemic Cookson's Wildebeest and a large number of resident lion. In the untouched North Luangwa guests - accompanied by an experienced manager/guide and an armed National Park scout - enjoy the freedom of Africa's vastness on foot.
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Thanks to the availability of a vehicle - which drops off and collects guests - individuals are able to explore further afield either by vehicle or on a day trip to the Mwaleshi Falls, located upstream of the camp. Mwaleshi Camp is seasonally operated. It is open annually from the 15th of June to the 31st of October.

It is the realness of the experience, that dash of adrenaline associated with standing downwind of an elephant and catching its unmistakable scent that make it an unforgettable destination.

The combination of the beauty, the natural surroundings, the harmony within, the exceptional game, the excellent cuisine, the intimate setting and its overall simplicity, create the perfect platform for that life-changing lion sighting on foot. To make the most of the Remote Africa Safaris walking safari adventure it is suggested that guests spend four to five nights at Mwaleshi Camp.

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