Cleaning products and equipment

Nemchem International supplies reliable and environmentally safe cleaning solutions, with products and equipment suitable for commercial, government and institutional facilities. These include chemicals and equipment for floor and carpet care, industrial cleaning, kitchen cleaning, hospital cleaning and food safety programs.
  • Agent for MaPa, Numatic and Ecolab
  • Surface cleaners, disinfectants, laundry and odour control items
  • Staff advise clients on cleaning products
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Office and industrial cleaning

Through the office cleaning services it provides, Nemchem helps its clients establish and maintain safe, healthy, high performing facilities. It offers general, deep and multi-purpose cleaning, floor care services, hospital cleaning, facilities services and industrial plant cleaning.
  • Hospital cleaning, and industrial plant cleaning
  • Washroom and hygiene services
  • Professional staff and modern, efficient equipment
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Pest control

Nemchem International supplies pest control and fumigation services for residential and commercial properties. They can exterminate rodents, insects, termites, snakes, bees, bed bugs or cockroaches, all pests that damage property and foodstuffs, and that pose a threat and cause disease.
  • Residential and commercial pest control services
  • Special treatments for termite control
  • Clients include banks, schools and health care institutions
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Sanitary waste disposal

Nemchem International provides discreet, hygienic female hygiene disposal units. Washroom units are designed to fit neatly alongside the toilet. The company provides these sanitary waste disposal solutions for all types of organisations, from a single sanitary bin to locations with over 500 people.
  • Automatic bins and non-automatic sanitary bins
  • A safe and discreet way of disposing of sanitary waste
  • Supplies small or large orders
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Water treatment chemicals and services

Nemchem International supplies water treatment chemicals and equipment, and consultancy services to domestic and commercial users - for drinking water and water used in industrial processes. Clients include Mopani Copper Mines and University Teaching Hospital.
  • Water treatment chemicals and equipment
  • Consultancy services for domestic and commercial water
  • Water sampling and analysis
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Industrial waste management

Nemchem International offers a management and disposal service for industrial waste materials, to minimise the impact of industrial waste pollution on humans and the environment. The company provides waste collection, transport, processing and disposal services.
  • Collection, treatment and disposal of clinical and hazardous waste
  • For businesses, industrial, medical institutions and construction sites
  • Prevention of waste through process modification and recycling
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Industrial and residential water treatment solutions

Nemchem International is a distributor of Nalco and Ecolab water pre-treatment equipment and accessories. These innovative systems are flexible to meet various needs and come standard with installation, scheduled filter replacements and system maintenance, providing years of trouble free use.
  • A distributor of Nalco and Ecolab water pre-treatment equipment
  • Customised systems that meet each client's needs
  • For industrial or residential use
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