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Freight and forwarding

The Nishati team has first hand experience in clearing and forwarding work. Many of the staff previously worked at the Zambia Revenue Authority. Their knowledge of trade laws and customs at national and regional level is therefore impressive. The company offers a flexible and efficient customs clearing and forwarding service.
Nationwide presence
Computerised solutions linked to the Customs ASYCUDA system
Proficiency in tax laws and customs procedures

Nishati Complete Logistics has a mission to provide professional customs clearing and forwarding services in an efficient manner that provides value for money to their clients and exceeds their expectations. Their team is proud of its good working relationship with all border agencies.

Nishati has a bond of K10 billion dedicated for use with transits and removals. As a result of the team's knowledge and experience, many international clearing companies use Nishati for clearing and forwarding, and Ciltax, their parent company, for consultancy work.

Nishati is dependable because

  • It was formed (and is managed) by an investment, tax and trade consulting company (Ciltax)
  • It follows COMESA and SADC protocols
  • It implemented the Chirundu One Stop Border Post Project
  • It is well resourced

Nishati Complete Logistics deploys a monitoring system for the movement of its trucks, and sends weekly updates to designated client staff via email. It also offers daily updates on transactions in all ports and borders. These feed into monthly client reports which highlight key risk areas.

The monthly reporting template is designed in consultation with the client, so that reports focus on areas of particular interest or concern. The frequency of reports can be varied. Reports are tailored to meet the requirements of Transafrica.

Nishati has specialised vehicles that provide escorts where necessary, especially on exporting consignments that have been temporarily imported.

All trade decisions made by the Nishati are fully analysed and professionally packaged for the client in order to take full advantage of any existing and future tax incentives. This is done through Ciltax Consultants Ltd.

Nishati and Ciltax electronically process and manage Customs Importation Permits (CIP) and Temporary Importation Permits and comply with all expiry, exportation and renewal requirements in an efficient manner.

Nishati is able to manage tax and duty calculations and accounting using a customised system that is developed in consultation with the client. A dedicated account at Stanbic Bank is opened specifically for the client and the company prepares weekly reconciliations and monthly reports every Monday of the following week or month respectively.

Nishati manages the refund claims process for and on behalf of the client in a timely fashion. This is achieved through a computerised Duty Refund System that has been developed by Ciltax Consultants.

Nishati also offers a comprehensive risk management system, which helps with the positioning of resources as well as monitoring and evaluation. It also points out ways to streamline operations.

Nishati Complete Logistics is developing an interactive website which will have the capability to process client queries online and give clients immediate feedback from dedicated Ciltax Consultants free of charge.

Further, the website has a tax calculator linked to the Customs Commodity Coding and tax rates, enabling clients to compute their own tax assessments even before goods are imported. Nishati clients include Kansanshi Mine, Lumwana Mine, Tenke Fungulume (VS Cargo) and Zimbulk.

Import and export

Nishati Complete Logistics are one of the leading custom brokers, ensuring smooth and easy customs clearance for all the customers so that they receive their goods on time. The company helps ease import and export regulations and paperwork in record time for all of your shipments, handling all the trade compliance and procedures.
Well versed with the customs acts and regulations
Backed by highly qualified and experienced team
Highly recognised by clients as reliable customs agent

Nishati Complete Logistics are highly recognised by clients as reliable custom agent, offering high quality and world class custom clearing services. Their main function is to maintain detailed and up to date accounts of business transactions that include entry or departure of conveyances or the import or export of goods as per the set custom station.

Nishati is backed by a highly qualified and experienced team of staff, who are well versed with the customs acts and regulations and able to complete the assigned task efficiently within a said period of time.

  • Custom clearing and forwarding solutions
  • Final clearance
  • Removal in Bond (RIB)
  • Removal in Transit (RIT)
  • Warehousing arrangements/Bonding
  • Delivery (Transportation)
  • Overall Logistics management and support

CilTax Consultants

Ciltax Consultants focuses on serving business clients in need of logistical, technical, and business strategy services. They serve an increasing number of entrepreneurs amongst existing businesses presenting an opportunity for increasing demand for market information and services.
Serving clients in need of logistical, technical, and business strategy
Clients benefit from the wide professional experience
Tax consultancy and trade facilitation

Ciltax Consultants' services are strategically positioned as high quality, relevant, timely and accurate, tailored to clients' needs enabling them to make the right decisions resulting in growth of their companies while benefiting the overall economy.

Ciltax Consultants aspires to be leader in a highly lucrative market within the rapidly growing Zambian economy.

CilTax Consultants strongly believe that all clients deserve the best value for their money. As professionals dedicated to providing total quality solutions and ensuring client satisfaction in the area of tax consultancy and trade facilitation, they fully appreciate client's decision to work with them.

In return, they ensure that clients benefit from the wide professional experience and hands-on approach in their service delivery.

Consulting Solutions

  • Trade Improvement Initiatives (One Stop Border Post Systems, Pre-clearing e-payments)
  • Feasibility studies
  • System designs and reviews
  • Tax Policy Analysis
  • Tax appeals resolutions
  • Investment Promotions
  • Development Agreements Negotiations
  • Tax Rebate and refund claims
  • Reverse Charge (VAT)
  • Tax Agency
  • Customs post audit clearance assignments/appeals
  • ASYCUDA projects implementation
  • VAT inspection assignments/appeals
  • Customs rebate and/or refunds
  • Performance management of clearing agents
  • Duty draw back claims
  • VAT refunds
  • Tax advisory services
  • Tax investigations and surveys

Training Solutions

  • Tax savings plan
  • Customs procedures
  • Excise Tax procedures and processes
  • Direct Tax procedure and processes
  • VAT procedures and processes
  • Duty Drawback Scheme

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Fir Road, Lusaka
6369 Fir Road, Woodlands, Lusaka, Zambia
Closed today
+260 211 267391, +260 211 267393, +260 979 998405
POBox 51432, Lusaka

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