Building materials

This company manufactures its innovative OTK channels and light steel frames for ceilings and partitioning including wall angles, main and furring channels and corner beads. OTK Ceiling Solutions also supplies a full range of ceiling material that includes, but not limited to, PVC panels, screws, rhino light, boards and tape.
Innovative OTK channels and light steel frames
Products for ceilings and partitioning
A full range of ceiling materials

OTK Ceiling Solutions channels are designed to receive gypsum, PVC or cement fiber board attachments with drywall screws, and can be installed over concrete surfaces, either horizontally or vertically. Manufactured from high tensile steel, OTK channels and light steel frames remain straight and consistent throughout their life span. OTK channels and light steel frames are termite proof, durable, easy to install, fire resistant (up to two hours), moisture and rot resistant, light weight, eco-friendly and maintenance free. This company maintains a huge inventory of its range of products. No matter the demand, OTK Ceiling Solutions has the capacity to meet them.

Interiors and Design services

Believing that the ceiling of a room is the 'fifth wall' due to its importance in identifying a room's flair and character, OTK Ceiling Solutions professionally installs beautiful ceiling, partitioning and integrated lighting systems for residential and commercial purposes. OTK's products are flawless and make interiors come alive.
Ceilings and partitions for residential and commercial purposes
Installations that identify any room’s flair and character
Material supply and fitting

From material supply to fitting, OTK Ceiling Solutions specialises in the installation of all types of ceilings and partitions. The company offers its services to a wide array of customers including home owners, contractors and local authorities. OTK Ceiling Solutions promises to provide its customers with high quality workmanship, the highest level in service and very competitive rates. The company also guarantees its customers that they will not spot any loose edges or minor design flaws in its products. With their sophisticated installations, customers do not have to worry about unsightly nails or screws. Since inception, OTK Ceiling Solutions has gained immense experience in the specification, design and installation of ceiling systems and partitions, and has successfully completed numerous projects across the country.The company works closely with its customers to meet their exact requirements and exceed their expectations. Whatever the magnitude, scope or location of a project, OTK Ceiling Solutions will deliver on time and within budget.

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