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Pegasus Ltd

Pegasus focus on helping their customers streamline their technology needs. They provide innovative ICT consultancy services, IT solutions as well as high quality tech hardware and software. Pegasus can supply and support any IT product available across the globe. Pegasus Technology Consulting Ltd is a 100% Zambian owned. Through a team of highly qualified, talented and certified professionals, Pegasus are able to equip your business with the technology it needs efficiently and cost effectively.

Computers and Accessories

Using proven IT solutions and adhering to the best industry practices Pegasus Ltd will advise, supply, install and support your businesses IT needs. Supply partners include HP Direct USA, Tarsus South Africa, DCC South Africa, Cartridge Warehouse South Africa, Dell Direct USA, SHI International USA, Apple USA and Microsoft Corporation.

Pegasus Ltd have a wide range of products available at all times or they will source them in the shortest time possible. The range of hardware available from Pegasus Ltd includes, but is not limited to:

  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Computer accessories
  • Monitors
  • Projectors
  • Power management
  • RAM memory
  • Storage devices
  • Printers, scanners and toners
  • Cameras
  • Office equipment

Pegasus Ltd supply some of the markets best products such as:

  • HP
  • Dell
  • Samsung
  • APC
  • Canon
  • Microsft
  • Apple

Pegasus is a leading multi-brand technology solutions provider working with clients that include:

  • Bayport Financial Services
  • Matty Investments LTD
  • Twangale Park, Lusaka
  • Icon Hotel
  • JASP Freight
  • Status Hi Tech
  • J & A Investments LTD
  • Atheneon Engineering

Note that all customer references are available on request.

Computers and Accessories

Pegasus Ltd · Computers and Accessories

Networking and Security

Pegasus Ltd support leading Zambian businesses by offering security solutions, data centre solutions, mobilty solutions, end user solutions and cloud solutions. This professional team can help your business prevent unauthorised access, misuse, malfunction, modification, destruction, or improper disclosure of your IT systems.

With great relationships with some of the world leaders in IT consultancy (such as Microsoft and Oracle), Pegasus Ltd can provide the leading IT consultancy, support and project management your business needs.

Networking and Security

Pegasus Ltd · Networking and Security


Through leading software consultancy and provision, Pegasus Ltd help Zambian businesses take advantage of emerging opportunities in a globally integrated economy. They will advise, source, install and support your business with the software you need to stay ahead of your competition.

Pegasus Ltd will take the time to understand the specific needs of your industry and needs. Software they work with includes but is not limited to:

  • Microft Office
  • Microsoft server and Azure
  • Microsft SQL
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • McAffe Antivirus
  • Windows 7 - 10
  • VM Ware
  • Backup, archiving and storage software
  • Business Application Software such as CAD and CAM
  • Management Software such as Asset Management Software
  • Operating Systems such as iOS, Windows and Linux

Pegasus Ltd · Software