Fire safety equipment in Lusaka, Zambia

Premium Fire Services provides fire protection equipment and information on all matters related to fire. It stocks a range of fire safety products, provides advice and technical expertise as well as a maintenance service. Clients are assured of effective protection against fire as well as good value for money.
  • Professional approach
  • Qualified staff
  • Training in equipment handling
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For all clients who purchase hand-held fire equipment, Premium Fire Services provide full training with appropriate demonstrations, as well as a comprehensive maintenance service. Premium Fire Services' highly skilled service technicians are accredited and are members of the UK-based Institute of Fire Engineers. Their professional approach, coupled with honest and trustworthy staff and a solid administrative infrastructure, helps give them a competitive edge. Premium Fire Services offer the following:

  • Fire protection services
  • Fire safety products
  • Advice and technical expertise
  • Maintenance services

Health and Safety in Lusaka, Zambia

Premium Fire Services provides companies and building owners with general advice, guidance and training on fire health and safety. The company has a team of professionally qualified and experienced consultants, with vast experience in providing services for a broad spectrum of clients across a range of sectors.
  • General advice, guidance and training on fire health and safety
  • Helping property managers, retailers and service organisations
  • A team of professionally qualified and experienced consultants
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Because fire is one of the most serious hazards within the workplace, Premium Fire Services has come up with a wide array fire health and safety solutions. Their clients are wide-ranging, including commercial and residential property managers, retailers and service organisations. The company has created long standing relationships with its clients, demonstrating a good track record in delivering valued and responsive advice services. Premium Fire Services works together with its clients at all times ensuring that they truly benefit from their team of highly qualified and expert fire health and safety consultants.

Inspection and Testing in Lusaka, Zambia

Premium Fire Services specialises in the inspection and maintenance of a variety of fire protection equipment and systems. Technicians from their service division conduct scheduled testing of all types of fixed or portable fire systems to ensure that they are fully operational and compliant at all times.
  • Ensures fire protection equipment will operate effectively in an emergency
  • Install and maintain all fire protection equipment
  • Trained and certified staff
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Premium Fire Services conduct regular periodic inspection, testing and maintenance on all types of fire protection systems. In addition, you will receive a comprehensive fire alarm inspection report detailing the findings of performance and documentation of the periodic inspection and testing of existing fire alarm systems and their components. Their team of staff are trained to diagnose faults, then repair or replace components and reinstate your fire systems rapidly and efficiently. Premium Fire Services support its clients with 24 hour / 7 day service.

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