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Corporate and Business Advisory

With experienced and highly skilled experts, Reeds Advisory Services offers hands-on business advice and support in various areas including project and property finance, due diligence, research, facilitation, and residence representation. This company is committed to helping businesses identify strengths and overcome weaknesses.
Hands on business advice and support
Solutions that improve the financial position and operations of businesses
Preparation of proposals

Business advice is the key to being able to make the right decisions at the right time. Reeds Advisory Services has the expertise to ensure business owners enhance the value of their business by telling them what has happened, what is happening and what might happen. The Reeds team consists of diversely skilled professionals whose areas of financial expertise are extensive. They provide insightful corporate and business advice for the future with innovative solutions to complex issues.

Reeds Advisory Services will conduct a thorough analysis of a company’s business environment and provide recommendations on the necessary steps to develop a strategy that will help improve performance.

Business owners can rely on Reeds Advisory Services to provide cost-effective and value-added solutions to improve the financial position and operations of their business. Whether a company is in the beginning stages of its journey, or well-established, Reeds Advisory Services can help!

Development of business and project proposals

This includes the following:

  • Preparations of business plans for start-up projects and for emergent business strategies
  • Preparation of project proposals for both internal and external financing
  • Preparation of cash flow forecast and budgets, in line with the business environment in which the proposal is structured to attain the objectives and goals of the project
  • Performance and project appraisals for various corporations, organizations, and individuals involved in project financing
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Company secretarial services

Reeds Advisory Services seeks to help businesses and individuals to comply with all standard financial and legal requirements by offering professional secretarial solutions. Their array of services is designed to suit the needs of each client leaving them free to concentrate on their business.
Solutions that help businesses to comply with all standard financial and legal requirements
Company focused on quick turnaround times
Relieving customers of the administrative burden of the secretarial function

For many years, Reeds Advisory Services has been providing its services to a wide variety of companies and individuals, providing an efficient and friendly service. The company aims to exceed its clients' expectations and will use its extensive resources to assist them.

Reeds are passionate about delivering outstanding service and working together to ensure their clients get the full benefit from the extensive spectrum of their expertise. Their specialists take pride in providing services of a high standard and are focused on quick turnaround times.

Reeds Advisory Services’ goal is to relieve customers of the administrative burden of the company secretarial function and to ensure that statutory deadlines are met. This company works to develop a comprehensive understanding of their clients’ needs and to provide them with a bespoke service that is focused on meeting their requirements in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner.

Reeds Advisory Services for:

  • Board secretarial services
  • Annual returns
  • Changing company particulars on returns
  • Company registration
  • Partnership and business registration
  • Patents and trademark registration
  • Lodgement of annual and other returns
  • Work permits and investment license application
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Corporate training management

As a business grows, it is faced with the challenge of updating its employee’s skills and work practices. Reeds Advisory Services offers professional corporate training management services that are tailored to help businesses foster the attributes needed to grow and perform better through the advancement of employee skills and proficiencies.
Professional corporate training management services
Skills that help businesses grow and perform better
Improvement to training management efficiency and effectiveness

Reeds Business Solutions helps employees to quickly assimilate knowledge and embrace new working practices for continuous business performance enhancement. These services also enable business owners to improve training management efficiency and effectiveness.

Corporate management training

Reeds Advisory Services provides various training needs to corporate clients in the following areas:

  • Management accounting and internal controls
  • Cash management and budgetary control
  • Business proposals and project management
  • Stores management and purchasing methods
  • General office and record management
  • Capacity building

Reeds Advisory Services provide relevant expertise to clients to support and strengthen their activities, helping them achieve self-sustainability in the following areas:

  • Technical expertise
  • Resource mobilization
  • Management systems
  • Organizational development
  • Governance
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Contact information

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Parliament Road, Lusaka
9013 Parliament Road, Olympia Park, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 291409, +260 211 291474, +260 955 765260
PO Box 32481, Lusaka, Zambia

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