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Located on the roof of The Foxdale Court, this unique spot offers a relaxing atmosphere, an ever fresh breeze, beautiful sunsets, and a variety of cocktails and wine to go with tasty Spanish Tapas. Roma Sky Bar serves a wide selection of tasty meals during lunch, dinner and in the afternoon. Every Tuesday – Friday, the restaurant offers lunch buffet with a different selection every day that includes mains, sides, salad bars, dessert and bottomless fruit juices.
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Enjoy sky high dining and fantastic views at Roma Sky Bar. This restaurant offers a beautiful place to sit and enjoy a wide variety of hearty and tasty meals that cater for all tastes, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Roma Sky Bar provides an elegant atmosphere and excellent service with attention to detail.

With one of the best DJs in the country, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights are hyped up. DJs play a wide selection of music from different genres. The restaurant is designed to provide an exciting and relaxed environment simultaneously, making it perfect for romantic dinners, business meetings and catching up with friends.

Roma Sky Bar · Casual dining restaurants

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