Pre-schools in Kalumbila, Zambia

Children thrive when their learning experiences are fueled by a spirit of adventure. It is this motivation and contagious spirit and celebration of life, alongside the child's evolving knowledge and growing wisdom, that empowers the child to make a confident and positive impact.
  • Teaching is delivered by qualified and experienced staff
  • Spiritual awareness is fundamental to the school's approach
  • Educated within the framework of a broadly Christian ethos
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Early Years (Nursery - Year 3) Sentinel School Kalumbila provides an environment where children can be a positive and valued member of a small community; where their help and collaboration is needed, encouraged and appreciated. They learn to care for others with kindness and gentleness. During their time in the Early Years, the children are introduced to a range of activities and materials designed to nurture their sense of independence and self-esteem. Through these activities concentration, confidence and perseverance develop naturally. At Sentinel School Kalumbila relationships between the children and staff are warm and open. The teachers believe in every child and encourages a growth mindset – believing that everything is possible if you give it a go and work hard enough.

Primary schools in Kalumbila, Zambia

All young people are valued equally. Every child has the right to an education that meets their individual needs and enables them to enjoy their learning, be safe and healthy and make a positive contribution to their school and wider community. At Sentinal Kalumbila all students have access to sustained, first class teaching.
  • All traditional academic subjects
  • Sport, outdoor education, music, art, design and technology, drama
  • Extra-curricular clubs and activities
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Primary (Grade 4 – 6) The junior phase celebrates childhood, full of expectation, excitement and enquiry, Sentinel Schools Kalumbila builds on the natural enthusiasm of children to ensure that all achieve their best. The pupils are encouraged to develop a love of learning. They experience the joy of aiming high and achieving well, both within the academic curriculum and beyond. The junior phase has a challenging, broad and balanced curriculum. Emphasis is given to developing key skills in English and Mathematics. These act as a solid foundation for future learning. Subjects taught include Art, Design and Drama, English, Geography, History, Religious Studies, ICT, PE and Sport, Mathematics, Music, Science. Each class is under the direction of a class teacher who takes academic and pastoral responsibility for the children in his or her class. All classes are ably supported by Teaching Assistants. Careful assessment and monitoring ensures that each child fulfills her or his full potential. Teaching styles are dynamic and flexible to match individual learning styles and to develop a true love of learning.

Secondary schools in Kalumbila, Zambia

Sentinel School Kalumbila provides an excellent learning environment for junior and senior secondary school. The school follows the Cambridge Curriculum, along with IGCSEs. Among the facilities, include a spacious sports field, ICT suites, laboratories and well-resourced music, drama and art facilities.
  • Classes from grade 7 -12
  • Follows the Cambridge Curriculum together with IGCSEs
  • Teachers have a strong blend of national and international experience
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Sentinel Schools Kalumbila strive to produce excellent results at IGCSE, and to provide a wide range of opportunities to develop as an individual. A close and supportive environment makes for a rich and rewarding educational experience, through fostering academic excellence and encouraging all pupils to shine. School Curriculum Sentinel School Kalumbila offers Cambridge Curriculum up to year 9, along with the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) from year 10 to 12. School staff Sentinel School Kalumbila have outstanding staff, who have been recruited from the best in their field and have a strong blend of national and international experience. School trips The students are offered an opportunity to go on outings. These are often linked to curriculum topics, enhancing what is taught in the classroom. Equally, the outings may be taken simply because they are interesting and there to be enjoyed. All students go on residential trips during their school career. Visits are organized carefully according to strict guidelines, to ensure that students and their families are fully informed. All due checks are carried out to ensure students' safety and enjoyment.

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