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Shakespeare College School

Shakespeare College School is a co-educational learning-enabling school that offers students A-level courses, O-level subjects and Junior secondary subjects. It is an examination body of the Examinations Council of Zambia for Grade 9, and of Cambridge University for Senior Secondary level. Shakespeare College is set in a modern, clean and secure environment and infrastructure. Its aim is to develop students using a holistic approach to building character and a sense of civic responsibilities.
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Kutwa Road, Lusaka
1155a Kutwa Road, Villa Elizabetha Lusaka, Lusaka, Zambia
Open today: 07:30-17:00
+260 211 236021, +260 971 855216


The pre-school at Shakespeare College is divided into baby class, middle class and reception class. Specially trained teachers and child minders are available to ensure that the best possible attention is given. Children learn by playing carefully selected educational games to develop reading, writing, drawing and counting skills.

The pre-school at Shakespeare College School believes that:

  • All the children that come to the school should be valued equally
  • Every child has the right to an education that meets their individual needs
  • Every child has the right to an education that enables them to enjoy their learning, be safe and healthy, and positively grow

Motivation, a contagious spirit and celebration of life, are all cultivated alongside the child's evolving knowledge and growing kowledge. Shakespeare College School aims to empower the individual child to make a confident and positive impact upon their own life, as well as the lives of those children around them, both now and in the future.

Consequently Shakespeare College School’s teaching is forward thinking and innovative in range and depth.

Shakespeare College School · Pre-school

Primary school

The primary school section of Shakespeare College is made up of lower and upper primary and offers a flexible program of education. To ensure that pupils get the best attention and support in their education, teaching is done in small groups. Primary school subjects include Maths, Science and Computer lessons.

Shakespeare College School offers high quality primary education in a safe and secure environment. Each child receives the individual attention he or she needs to reach their full potential. A flexible program of education is offered, allowing the child to spend a full or half day of lessons as required.

Remedial classes are available for pupils who need individual help. The idea is to ensure as far as possible that every pupil grows into an excellent student, in readiness for secondary school.

Shakespeare College School · Primary school

Secondary school

Shakespeare College School provides international standard education with highly qualified teachers and spacious classrooms. The junior secondary section covers grades 8 and 9. The O-level course is a two year programme, with up to 7 subjects per student and the 18-24 months A-level course prepares students for university.

Shakespeare College’s secondary school academic year semesters are January – May and June – December. Lessons run from 07:45 to 12:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday lessons are from 07:45 to 13:30.

Shakespeare College School uses a modern teaching approach. The student is encouraged to participate and much of the learning experience is project-based. Part time lessons are available to all students in the afternoon and there is an excellent Learning Support program for students with specific educational needs.

A level course

Shakespeare College School allows students to combine 3 or 4 subjects depending on their choice of career. Students with a grade 12 certificate with grade C and above are eligible to apply in the following subjects:


Shakespeare College School offers students English Language, English Literature, History and Law.


The Science department enables students to apply knowledge to solve problems and think critically. Students taking science subjects will also be assessed on their practical and laboratory skills. Subjects offered include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Applied ITC.

Commercial studies

The Shakespeare College School commercial unit is designed to help students in commerce related courses. Subjects offered include Business, Languages, Economics, Accounts and Mathematics.

O-level course

This is a two year programme available to students who have completed their junior secondary grade 9. Students can take up to a maximum of 7 subjects. English language and Mathematics are compulsory subjects. Other subjects include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ICT, Business Studies, Accounts and History.

Junior Secondary

The Junior Secondary department covers grades 8 and 9. Subjects offered are all compulsory and include English, Social Development Studies, Mathematics, Integrated Studies, Business Studies, Religious Studies and Computer Studies.

Extra-curricular activities

Every Wednesday from 13:30 to 16:30 Shakespeare College School gives its students a chance to participate in activities. These include clubs based on art, music, drama, games and academics and sports that include netball, football, basketball and volleyball.

Shakespeare College School · Secondary school