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SME Accounting Services is a certified and bronze partner of Xero, a company that develops cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. Fully understanding the software inside out, SME Accounting Services will happily set you up, giving you a demonstration of how Xero could work for you.
  • A certified and bronze partner of Xero
  • Cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Three monthly accounting packages
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SME Accounting Services' cloud accounting service is scalable – you can take as little or as much as you need. No paying for services that you are not using. It is designed to fill in the gaps that you may face when starting up, growing or expanding your business. So that could be taking on your accounting, or producing financial reporting to meet the needs of your investors. If you are pre-trading and do not need your reporting monthly, then you can choose something less frequent, like quarterly for example. Or maybe you do not want to hire a full-time person to look after all your finance needs just yet. SME Accounting Services has additional services that include bookkeeping and payroll – so you get all the reporting and get your tax affairs sorted and set up right from day one. All within a pay monthly package that you can easily build your forecasts around. Their monthly service is designed to keep you in control and let you pick and adapt the support and advice you need as you scale. For example, if all you need is more frequent visits with your accountant, then that is all that the company charges. Monthly cloud based accounting packagesStart up You might have recently launched your product or service. The last thing you want when starting up your business is a complex accounting service with a big price tag. SME Accounting Services' client accounting service is designed to allow you to focus on running your new business, at the same time maintaining systems that enable your business to grow. Growth Your company is growing, but it is not quite big enough to have an internal accounting staff. You start looking at managing resources and ensuring informed decisions are made to enable the business to grow. This company's services at this stage focus on helping you to have more structured systems that are managed in-house. SME Accounting Services' team can provide monthly, quarterly, or annual accounting and reporting to fit your needs, as well as assist with all your organisation's tax preparation and planning and financial and business affairs. Expansion You might be planning to expand your business into more profitable markets and for you to do this, you need to obtain new investments. As you expand, you will need to consider various shareholding structures to obtain appropriate investments. As you expand into maturity, this company's accounting services will enable you to obtain new investment, prepare financial reports that will provide reasonable assurance for your investors, perform business valuations for your business and act as your designated adviser for the Lusaka Stock Exchange listing on the alternative market should you consider to list on the stock market.

Business consultants in Lusaka, Zambia

With a team of highly trained professionals, SME Accounting Services provides cost-effective, value-added solutions to improve the financial position and operations of your business. The company can help you analyse and understand what is happening in your business with their real time dashboards and reporting.
  • A wide array of business advisory services
  • Solutions that improve the financial position and operations of your business
  • A team of highly trained business consultants
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Knowing exactly how your business is performing will give you confidence to make the business decisions that will let you grow. Your business advisor can be that sounding board, whether it is sitting in on management meetings to translate the numbers in actions through to letting you know that things are all on track. How they do it SME Accounting Services carries out an assessment of your business, identifying areas where you need to improve on. The company then creates a growth plan and advises on the services that will help in resolving your challenges. SME Accounting Services engages various consultants and experts and work with you in meeting the lied out milestones that are in your growth plan.

Financial consultants in Lusaka, Zambia

SME Accounting Services provides financial management training courses that are designed to keep you on top of the game. The company is dedicated to offering the best training and development services in the industry and creating a strong knowledge base of finance skills for more optimal business performance.
  • Four financial management training courses
  • Participants get the latest financial management strategies and techniques
  • Solutions that create finance skills for optimal business performance
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SME Accounting Services' range of financial management training courses are topical, practical and highly relevant to today's changing market. The company combines information and knowledge with interactive activities and scenarios so that learning can be applied in the real business world. Courses currently available include:

  • Managing a sustainable business
  • Managing taxes for sustainability
  • Transforming your business
  • Sustainable business planning

The courses are set against the pace of an organisation within the economy, different kinds of business management styles and accountancy, and the way financial objectives are arrived at, implemented and monitored.

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