Music and Stage equipment in Lusaka, Zambia

For the hire of sound equipment, stages and lights, choose SoundWave, a company run by sound engineers certified by Prosound, one of the premier professional audio and lighting company in Sub-Saharan Africa. Prosound has over 100 years of combined expertise in professional audio, lighting and AV systems and set-up.
  • Extensive stock of lighting equipment
  • Hires out PA sound systems for festivals
  • A comprehensive range of staging equipment
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Sound equipment hire

SoundWave Zambia provides all sorts of musical instruments and equipment ranging from professional outdoor and studio microphones to band equipment and public address systems (catering for up to 35,000 people), and so much more. This company has some of the best sound equipment in the country including:

  • Professional power amplifiers
  • Digital mixers
  • Playback equipment
  • Band equipment
  • Effect processors
  • High powered speakers

SoundWave Zambia also provides power distribution boxes and mobile generators as back-up in case of power outages during events.

Stage hire

SoundWave Zambia provides comprehensive staging equipment that includes trussing, scaffolding and everything else needed to produce an excellent professional stage for all kinds of events.

Lights hire

SoundWave Zambia has an extensive stock of lighting equipment and provides professional lighting in accordance with clients' requirements. This equipment includes:

  • Light control desks
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Haze machines

Services provided

  • Lighting hire
  • Sound hire
  • Staging hire
  • Video hire

Live music in Lusaka, Zambia

SoundWave Zambia partners with artists to provide great live music for various events including parties, weddings and corporate events. All artists are carefully auditioned to maintain an outstanding quality of service. SoundWave works with its clients to ensure all details of the event and requirements are made available for the artists.
  • Great and unique live music for a wide range of events
  • Artists are personally auditioned and interviewed
  • Company accommodate most budgets and has an exceptional customer service
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Since inception, SoundWave Zambia has been involved in performing, creating musical entertainment and arranging great artistes to deliver high quality live entertainment for private and corporate events. The company has arranged musicians for a wide variety of events including award ceremonies, dinners, weddings, parties and product launches. SoundWave ensures that each event is stress-free and memorable. The company can accommodate most budgets and has an exceptional customer service with free advice available to all in the beginning and expert assistance throughout. With great passion for live music and great live events, this company has provided stunning and varied live music entertainment to its wide range of clients.

Event planners in Lusaka, Zambia

SoundWave Zambia offers event management solutions for a wide selection of music events. The company continually strives to provide its clients with the very best service the country has to offer. The main goal is the satisfaction of its clients and the success of their event. SoundWave is committed to providing a timely and responsive service.
  • A full service musical event planning company
  • Event planning experts refine and develop each client’s ideas
  • A timely and responsive service
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SoundWave is a full service musical event planning company. Their team possess specialist knowledge in every aspect of planning an event, and are full of innovative fresh ideas for every occasion. Along with their desire to create a beautiful event, SoundWave also wishes to make it a fun and exciting process for their clients. The company is dedicated to helping its client plan and organise the event just the way they want it. Their event planning experts refine and develop each client’s ideas into an electrifying and enjoyable event. SoundWave takes its event planning service to the next level with their comprehensive offering of planning and coordination services. Quality and customer satisfaction are at the core of their service philosophy.

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2 Kapiri Mposhi Road, Chilenje, Lusaka, Zambia
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