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Steaks and Grills of Taj Pamodzi Lusaka offers quality food in a relaxed and stylish setting under an African thatched roof, with windows overlooking the pool, this open-air restaurant has a rustic ethnic ambience. Savour continental and Zambian dishes with an Indian twist while listening the flowing soul of the jazz band. It has a show kitchen, a dance floor and a jazz band playing Afro‐Jazz music. The restaurant has a view of the beautiful landscaping surrounding the pool, adding to the experience.
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Steaks and Grills serves authentic International and Indian Grills including grilled sesame prawns, charcoal roasted quails, reshmi kebabs, and crocodile tail brochettes. Steaks and Grills use the freshest seasonal ingredients possible, and follow the basic cooking techniques to simply enhance the natural flavor of the food.

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