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Established in 2009, Tigris Trading are the official distributors for Onduline products and roofing solutions in Zambia. Onduline is the world's largest manufacturer of corrugated composite sheets made of organic fibres, bitumen and resins. Onduline is present in more than 130 countries with over 12 manufacturing plants around the world and has been in existence for over 60 years. The knowledgeable and highly trained team are available to help and offer advice on the best roofing solutions for your job.

Roofing materials

Tigris Trading distributes quality Onduline classic roofing sheets, Onduvilla roofing tiles, Bardoline roofing shingles and Onduclair transparent roofing sheets. The company also has a wide range of roofing accessories such as nails, ridges, valleys, verges, waterproofing membranes and roof seals.

Onduline classic roofing sheet

Onduline classic roofing sheet is ideal for residential, industrial and agricultural buildings because of its extremely tough, light weight, corrugated roofing and wall cladding material. Onduline classic provides weather protection, sound and thermal insulation and is waterproof and fungi resistant.

Onduline classic roofing sheets are available in four colours including black, brown, red and green. Unlike painted sheets, Onduline sheets retain their color over a long period without fading and surface peeling. Weighing 3kg/m2, Onduline classic sheets never break while in transit and are really practical to install.

Onduvilla roofing tiles

Onduvilla is an elegant light weight roofing tiles for premium houses. It is created for the most valuable buildings and combines many advantages, economic and aesthetic, both for new construction and renovations of roofs.

Bardoline roofing shingles

Bardoline is a shingle type roofing material manufactured from glass fiber reinforced base saturated in high quality bitumen, covered with various colors of granulated minerals (slate). Bardoline is in two types of slates namely rectangular and beaver slates. Bardoline is easily applicable on all types of roofs including surfaces which are very difficult or even impossible to cover with other materials. It is aesthetic with its patched texture and attractive choice of colours. Bardoline is available in the following colours, green, red, slate grey and two tone brown.

Onduclair transparent roofing sheets

Onduclair sheets are used for transparent roofing, Onduclair is a vast range of corrugated or ribbed roof light sheets, which cover a great deal of applications in industrial, agricultural and public buildings such as schools, train stations or sports centres. With the Onduclair range, Onduline is one of the most important producers in this field, offering at the same time the whole transparent roofing range: Polyester, PVC, and Polycarbonate. The Onduclair products are a perfect complement to the Onduline corrugated roofing range for both professional and DIY users.

Roofing materials
Tigris Trading Ltd · Roofing materials

Building materials

Tigris Trading is an official supplier and installer of high quality roofing underlays, waterproofing and foundations, as well as cladding. This company has taken pride in serving Zambia's contractors and communities with the finest in both residential and commercial building materials, and staff are friendly and ready to assist.

Roofing underlays

Designed to be 100% leak free, Onduline roofing underlays provide long-lasting waterproofing to any building. It is the most reliable solution for tile roofs against leaks, in both new constructions and renovation.

Underlays work with any type of tiles, acting as a roof under the roof. When renovating a building, part of the original tiles can be reused to preserve the building’s aesthetics. With this type of underlay technology, roofs can even be designed with lower pitches, allowing customers to use any type of tile and delivering more usable floor area.

Solutions like Ondutiss underlay membranes help reduce energy loss caused by poor air tightness, which is a major concern of eco-design and other approaches of high environmental standards.

Onduline Isoline Roofing Underlays

Even the highest quality roof tiles may not be durably waterproof; they can move or break due to outside elements like frost, humidity, high winds, and an accumulation of dead leaves or snow. To ensure customers can rely on their tile roof to keep their building safe and dry day after day, year after year, they need a long-lasting waterproofing solution. These roofing underlay systems are engineered to be​ ​fully waterproof and to repel any water that might seep through roof tiles, helping to keep a building 100% leak free.



  • Durable waterproofing - no leaks, even if tiles move or break
  • Cost savings - reuse original tiles, keep the original appearance of the roof
  • Increased tiles durability - humidity-reducing ventilation extends tile life
  • Sustainability: environmentally-friendly production, based on recycled materials
  • Reduced rain noise
  • Ideal for new construction and for renovations
  • Suitable for any type of tile


  • Peace of mind on every job site - quick and durable waterproofing and a "No claim" system
  • Fast installation - Easy to install and tile over
  • Quick weatherproofing
  • Adapts easily to each roof structure - adaptable to roof shape, ideal for renovation, suitable for low pitched roofs (15% min)
  • Suitable for any type of tile
  • Easy carrying, handling and fixing - individual sheets are lightweight and flexible
  • Dry installation - saves manpower cost and materials
  • Secures daily job - walkable, non-slippery and safe


This is a range of under roofing membranes and foils that are designed to protect the insulation of houses and increase comfort inside the house.



  • Improved well-being thanks to more durable insulation and better protection
  • Increased protection against infiltration of outside elements such as snow and dust
  • Increased roof water tightness thanks to an additional under roofing layer
  • Increased protection for the roof and the whole house even before it is covered by roofing material


  • Fast installation - longer rolls, detailed guidelines for installation
  • Easy installation - lightweight material, resistant to tearing
  • Save time on new buildings - temporarily protect the roof during the construction process
  • Fits all projects - comprehensive range of products for every job
  • Smart waterproofing, long-term serenity

Waterproofing and foundations

Tigris Trading is a distributor of Onduline's range of waterproofing and foundations. Designed by a team of industry experts, Tigris Trading guarantees the highest standards of performance and efficiency to its customers.


The large Bituline array offers high quality waterproofing membranes (oxidised, SBS, APP, APAO) for unique solutions that are adapted to building foundations, roads, flat roofs, low slope roofs, protecting foundations and swimming pools. Bituline covers everything from classic waterproofing to highly technical projects.



  • Ensures long-lasting waterproofing, whatever the local weather conditions
  • Suits any environment thanks to a wide range of solutions and colours


  • Delivers customer satisfaction by providing high-quality membranes
  • Resistant to root penetration, extensive choice of finishes and colours
  • Operational in any situation - can be installed in any weather conditions
  • Quick stock rotation: rolls can be used for numerous applications


An industry-recognised membrane that offers long-lasting protection for foundations and basements. Composed of high-density polyethylene membranes (HDPE), Fondaline is essential for protecting building foundations against the consequences of natural disasters. Thanks to its high compression resistance, this product helps air flow freely and walls remain dry.



  • Lasting protection, resistance to high compression, and air flows and walls that remain dry
  • Improved thermal insulation​


  • Fast and easy installation - a range of sizes to fit all projects
  • Work in any environment - can be installed in any weather conditions

Onduclair cladding

This is a large range of solutions designed to protection walls of both new constructions and renovations. Thanks to the different finishes and options, customers can select the most appropriated system for their cladding application project: Polycarbonate (PC) or Polyester (PLR) transparent panels are ideal for optimising light (with a range of several insulating performance levels), while opaque panels are perfect for protecting walls from corrosion, fire and/or chemical substances.

Onduclair transparent and opaque cladding systems are suitable for industrial, agricultural, institutional and business applications.

Product range

Onduclair protect

A specific polyester resin roofing and cladding solution that is resistant to chemicals, significant temperature differences and corrosive atmospheres. It is a composite opaque system reinforced with fibre glass. This uniquely-engineered solution has been tried, tested and field-proven in tough conditions, including exposure to chemical corrosion (liquid and gas-phase), and exposure to naturally aggressive environments.

Onduclair protect is a flexible solution that seamlessly integrates with the aesthetics of any building to deliver a robust covering or cladding solution.



  • 2 solutions to match different needs - fire and chemical resistant (C and FR) and chemical resistant (CR)
  • Long term protection - no corrosion, breakable
  • Adaptable - fits any architectural project


  • Saves time by using long sheets of up to 12 m
  • Easy to install (lightweight, large dimensions, secure, and more)


Onduclair Renov

An over-insulating covering used to renovate roofs, fibre cement and metal trays. It optimises the structure by adding an external layer of insulation and wicks away condensation from the roofing underlayment in buildings with low to medium humidity levels. Furthermore, Onduclair Renov delivers structural security thanks to a first-class fire rating and lasting roof protection through its outstanding resistance to chemicals in corrosive environments with the Protect C and FR (chemical and fire resistant) top skin.



  • No activity downtime, external renovation
  • Cost savings - no need to remove the old roof
  • Long-lasting protection - multiple options including fire protection and chemical resistance
  • Reduced energy bills thanks to improved insulation


  • Safe installation - no need to pierce the old roof
  • Save time - no need to dismantle the old roof, lightweight material for faster transportation
  • Easy and fast installation - sheets of up to 12m long, large range of easy-to-use accessories
  • Adapts easily to any roof or cladding - ideal for a wide range of renovations with different profiles and finishes

Onduclair Thermo

A transparent insulating panel that adjusts to sandwich panels. It diffuses the light and insulates the building by improving occupant comfort and allowing energy savings. Onduclair Thermo is available in a wide range of different products to fit the needs of every project. Panels are composed of a polycarbonate or polyester top skin, delivering a durable solution that is ideal for letting daylight in while insulating buildings and all products are easy to install.



  • Improved well-being thanks to optimised light transmission
  • Thermal insulation - special Thermal option PC T or PLR T
  • Long lasting protection - perfect weather resistance, no sag effect
  • Reduced bills thanks to improved insulation and use of natural light


  • Save time - designed to match with numerous
  • Sandwich panels, no accessories required
  • Benefit from fast and easy installation with a factory assembled insulating roof light
  • “Special renovation” solution - reinforced range (PC R and PLR R) eliminates need to lay down new roof

Onduclair PLR (Polyester)

This is a polyester roof light system reinforced with glass fibres, highly resistant to natural corrosion. The sheets are designed for translucent roofing and cladding (flat or curved) for any type of building, including the agricultural, industrial and residential sectors. This product is easy to install and is an ultimate multi-purpose material.



  • Improved well-being thanks to soft, diffused light and double-sided UV protection
  • Long lasting - resistance to hail and natural corrosion
  • Highly adaptable for more freedom in design


  • Save time during the installation - easy transportation thanks to lightweight sheets up to 12 m long
  • Benefit from fast and easy installation - only standard tools required
  • Adapt easily to any configuration - wide range of ribbed and corrugated profiles, translucent colours and thicknesses

Onduclair Color

This is a range of coloured and opaque polyester covering sheets, designed for all types of buildings, such as farm buildings, industrial or residential. They are a lightweight solution that is adapted for use in naturally corrosive environments. Composed of coloured opaque sheets, Onduclair Color can be used for roofing and cladding (flat or curved). Easy to drill, handle and install, Onduclair Color is the ultimate multi-purpose material.



  • Large choice of colours and profiles to match any building
  • High quality - 10 year guarantee
  • Long lasting protection - hail-resistant, protection against natural corrosion


  • Save time with sheets up to 12m long
  • Easy installation - standard tools only, simple to cut and carry
  • Transport more and make your life easier thanks to lightweight design
  • Meet all your customers' needs - large choice of colours
  • Ensure quality - tried and tested solution
Building materials
Tigris Trading Ltd · Building materials
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