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Trident Automotive provide quality, reliable buses and coaches at competitive prices. A subsidiary of Hazida Motors, in 2010 Trident Automotive acquired a franchise in Zambia for Yutong Bus Company, one of the largest bus manufacturers in the world. This company provides reliable, high quality buses that are suitable for Zambian road conditions as well as the Zambian environment. Trident Automotive has a network of outlets for the convenience of its clients.
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Truck and Bus sales

With over 50 years in the transport and automotive industry, Trident Automotive continues to serve the bus and coach market in Zambia, providing quality services and meeting the exacting demands of clients. It has a network of outlets for the convenience of its clients.

Trident Automotive plans to establish Yutong buses in the Zambian market, increasing their market share substantially and making their products more competitive. They are expanding retail and fleet sales to both the public and private sector.

Trident Automotive Ltd is a subsidiary of Hazida Motors Ltd. Trident is able to draw upon the experience and skills of Hazida Motors who have been one of the leading players in the bus and coach sector for over 20 years.

As well as its head office in Lusaka serving the Lusaka, Central and Southern provinces, Trident Automotive has an office in Kitwe to serve the Copperbelt.

It has a dedicated, skilled workforce able to meet the demands of clients.

Sales teams are lead by senior sales managers with over 30 years experience in automotive sales in Zambia.

Trident Automotive Ltd · Truck and Bus sales

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