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Turtle Tiles & Bricks was established in 1998 with a vision to provide the Zambian market with the best quality cement paving bricks and tiles. Products are manufactured using successfully tested formulas that ensure quality and strength, adhering to industry standards. Turtle Tiles & Turtle Bricks have a diverse application in both the residential and commercial environments. Today, they provides full outdoor paving solutions including installation, curbing, and slope adjustments on jobs of all shapes and sizes.
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Building materials

Boasting over six different shapes, multiple configurations and various color choices, your options at Turtle Tiles & Bricks are numerous. Their expertise ranges from heavy industrial applications, residential driveways, walkways, and backyards of all sizes. The team can install bricks and tiles in numerous locations.

The team can install bricks and tiles in numerous locations. At Turtle Tiles & Bricks, staff members will guide and support you as you choose the right product for your landscaping needs. They offer a prompt service and a superb paving solution.

Turtle Tiles & Bricks · Building materials

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