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Incorporated in 2014, Vaulsafes manufactures banking and security related products such as high quality safes, strong room doors and fireproof cabinets. It is committed to providing its clients with the best service, product satisfaction and peace of mind. This company works tirelessly to meet each client's requirements and is backed with fully qualified service technicians and locksmiths, guaranteeing a 100% full back-up on all products. Vaulsafes and Equipment Ltd believes in safety without compromise.
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Metal fabrication and parts

Vaulsafes and Equipment is dedicated to providing clients with highly innovative security products and services at competitive prices, with an assurance of timely deliveries. They make safes, strong room doors, vault doors, fire proof cabinets, staff lockers, money counters, vault cages and cash-in-transit boxes.

Vaulsafes and Equipment Ltd is backed up with fully qualified service technicians and locksmiths, guaranteeing a 100% full back-up on all products. Vaulsafes supplies its own exclusive security products, all manufactured in Zambia in accordance with BIS IS (11188) standards.

Because of the sensitive nature of its products, Vaulsafes and Equipment Ltd has set up and implemented a recruitment policy with security in mind. The company also has a strict lock and key handling policy which helps prevent duplication of keys. Locks are delivered at factory settings and clients are advised to change lock combination once in their possession.

Range of products:


Vaulsafes' range of safes are available in the following sizes: 36 litre, 60 litre, 80 litre, 140 litre, 200 litre, 280 litre and 340 litre. All safes:

  • are anti-explosive
  • allow at least 20 man hours against manipulation of locks
  • allow at least 20 man hours against radiological attack
  • allow 6-8 hours against fire loss of contents

Strong room and vault doors

Vaulsafes has strong rooms and vault doors available in the following sizes:

  • Fint door category 1 & 2: 800mm x 1900mm (size), 10mm (thickness)
  • Defender door category, complete with grill: 800mm x 1900mm (size), 10mm (thickness)
  • Anti-explosive door category, complete with grill: 800mm x 1900mm (size), 20mm (thickness)
  • Vault door category, complete with grill: 800mm x 1900mm (size), 110mm (thickness)
  • Emergency exit door: 514mm x 492mm (size), 110mm (thickness)

Vaulsafes can also manufacture security doors according to customer specifications.

Other products

  • Fire proof cabinets
  • Staff lockers
  • Money counters
  • Vault cages
  • Cash-in-transit boxes

Vaulsafes and Equipment Ltd offers security solutions to:

  • Contractors
  • Fuel filling stations
  • Financial institutions
  • Mines
  • Retail stores
  • Security companies

Vaulsafes and Equipment Ltd · Metal fabrication and parts

Security systems

Vaulsafes and Equipment manufactures and supplies a complete range safes and vaults. The company provides its clients with a full after sales support service for all its products. Vaulsafes is committed to partnering with clients for present and future planning, development and provision of high quality products and services.

Vaulsafes and Equipment is one of the leading manufacturers of safes and other security products for businesses. The company aims to design and manufacture advanced safes to protect its client’s cash, equipment and documents. Vaulsafes has built an unrivalled reputation for manufacturing high quality products for businesses all over the country. The company has the experience and expertise to advise their customers which safe best suits their needs.

All products manufactured have been chosen for its level of quality and certification so the company know they are providing their clients with only the best. To make the process easier and more cost efficient, Vaulsafes can arrange the installation of every safe they sell.

Vaulsafes and Equipment Ltd · Security systems

Home security

Vaulsafes and Equipment supplies and installs a wide variety of safes to individuals. With one of this company’s secure home safes, customers can count on their money, jewelry and documents staying right where they left them. Vaulsafes is committed to offer safes at each client’s price point and in a size they can accommodate.

Vaulsafes and Equipment has been a pioneer in safes and vaults business since 2014 and the innovation shown from the beginning is still a cornerstone of the brand today.​ The company offers a complete portfolio of certified solutions as well as wide integration capabilities into its clients’ home security infrastructure. Whether in person or over the phone, this company is an expert in their field and happy to consult with their customers to ensure they get the right safe for their needs.

When purchasing Vaulsafes’ range of products, customers can have a peace of mind that they are choosing protection of enduring quality. The company is committed to assuring superior quality in all important areas of security including materials, product design and engineering. Most importantly, their quality comes from the caring craftsmanship of their skilled employees.

Vaulsafes and Equipment Ltd · Home security

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