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Postal and Courier
Freight and forwarding
Walter Genius Couriers specialises in freight and forwarding and customs clearance, as well as postal courier services. The company offers international inbound and outbound freight services by road and air. Walter Genius Couriers is dedicated to delivering quality and professional services with confidence in vastly under-serviced areas. The company prides itself in offering transportation intelligence to businesses using both domestic expertise, and regional and international partnership networks.

Postal and Courier

Walter Genius Couriers provides a full international and domestic courier service with daily collections arranged at times to suit your needs. The company provides superior services in a cost effective environment, gaining an excellent reputation with its clients.

Domestic Courier Services

Walter Genius Couriers provides different kinds of services tailored specifically for the organisation's special requirements. The company offers domestic inbound and outbound services. The following are the different types of specialised services:

Daily pick ups

This courier make it easy for companies by picking up from their premises throughout Zambia. Walter Genius Couriers do not have a limit to how many times they visit your premises to pick up shipments. The company understands that courier is meant to bridge the gap between different areas of operations to fit into different demands at any given time.

Same-day express delivery

This is an express service where the company picks-up and delivers shipments within a same day. This service provides support on unexpected urgent demands or deliveries.

City limits service

This is a specialized service that works on the same-day service principle. This includes the following:

  • Delivery of bills
  • Delivery of medications
  • Delivery of examinations papers
  • Delivery of invitation cards
  • Delivery of summons
  • Delivery of cheques
  • Delivery of any purchased items within the city limits
  • Delivery of any documentation within the city limits
  • Inter-city courier services

The inter-city service is one of the most popular courier service offered. Most of the shipments under this service operate under the overnight inbound and outbound delivery services. Pickups for this service are done throughout the day and throughout the week up to around 6pm for delivery early morning the next day. Under this service would also be some international shipments received into the country which have completed the customs clearing process for delivery to different parts of Zambia. Shipments range from documents and small parcels to bulky shipments such as mining equipment and accessories.

Intra-branch courier services

With dedicated staff to deal with documents or parcels going to and coming from the different branches of these organisations including banks, insurance companies, manufacturing companies and government institutions.

Public holiday and weekend special courier services

When there is a need to courier documents and parcels during public holidays or late Saturdays and Sundays. Walter genius provides somebody on call to help deal with pick-ups and deliveries. The hotline is always open to such demands, the company is able to deal with these circumstances on request.

International courier services

Walter Genius Couriers has partnered with world class regional and international courier service providers. The company is able to collect consignments from different countries from ones door step and facilitate the importation process until delivery to the next door step. It also collects and delivers international shipments from different international partners in accordance with international courier standards and network agreed standards. Walter Genius also facilitates international exports and guides its clients throughout the process.

Inbound express service

This service allows the company to collect and deliver documents for its international partners locally and send back the proof of delivery both in soft copy and hard copy form once delivery is done.

Outbound document express

Walter Genius Couriers is able to pick up documents from its clients whilst others prefer to drop them off at their offices. They arrange to move them internationally through its network partners and ensure delivery to the door step. All documents couriered are given no commercial value and therefore do not undergo customs clearing. The following fall under document express services;

  • Reports
  • Business or personal cards
  • Travellers cheques
  • Passports
  • Tenders
  • Invoices
  • Architectural plans

INTERNATIONAL INBOUND AND OUTBOUND EXPRESS Inbound parcel express – Walter Genius picks up shipments with its partners from its clients supplier's door step and coordinates the importation process. These parcels or shipments are cleared by customs and delivered to its clients who follow up with a collections request.

International outbound parcel express

Walter Genius domestically facilitates the exportation process, their partners arrange the customs process until the parcel is at the door step of the recipient. All international parcels have a commercial value which is used for duty purposes. The following are some of the different types of parcels that fall under this category:

  • Advertising material
  • Raw materials
  • Finished products
  • Spares
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Clothing
  • Groceries
  • Household goods
  • Ores
  • Hazardous goods
Postal and Courier
Walter Genius Couriers Ltd · Postal and Courier


With Walter Genius Couriers, eShopping senders and recipients can track their parcels at any time. After entering the parcel number, shipment number or tracking ID, detailed information appears on-screen about the parcel and the delivery process itself. This includes the estimated delivery day and the most recently carried-out action.

Walter Genius Couriers provide unique tracking codes for each order. Once a parcel has been dispatched from their warehouse, you can locate its whereabouts by logging into your account. This gives clients instant access to real time updates on the progress of their parcel.

The system is updated at every stage and if there is any issue with your shipment, customers are swiftly notified. Anyone sending or expecting several parcels can track them all simultaneously using the online tracking function.

Walter Genius Couriers Ltd · eShopping

Freight and forwarding

Walter Genius offers international inbound and outbound freight services by road and air. It also provides a customs clearing service through Chirundu, Kazangula, Nakonde and Katima Mulilo, and through Livingstone and Lusaka International Airports. The company is committed to delivering quality solutions at competitive prices.

Air freight services

International inbound and outbound airfreight express is offered to clients who intend to move bulky consignments which are not time sensitive. This service is also an economic way of sending shipments at much reduced rates.

Walter Genius Couriers receive inbound airfreight shipments into their warehouse until they complete the customs process. After clearance the company delivers to its client's door step. With international airfreight outbound shipments, Walter Genius Couriers are able to facilitate all the customs documentation until the consignments are exported from Zambia to their intended destinations where they are handled by its international partners then delivered to your door step.

Road freight services

For heavier parcels and bulky consignments such as pallets and heavy duty goods, Walter Genius Couriers provides a cheaper way of transporting heavy goods in a timely and efficient manner.

Domestic road freight – usually utilised by clients who need a dedicated truck to deliver goods that they have ordered from their suppliers locally to be transported to their premises throughout Zambia. Clients are requested to advise on the size of truck that they need for that particular service. The company offers daily overnight courier deliveries.

International road freight – this is a cross border road freight service offered to clients who move bulky goods in and out of the country. Walter Genius Couriers offers international road freight from the ports or from different countries according to clients' needs. This service is very popular with manufacturing industries, the mines, the motor industry and the agricultural industry.

Customs and clearing

Walter Genius offers clearing services, ensuring that your goods are efficiently and quickly cleared through customs by their gateway office and that they are delivered to your door step in time. This can be arranged through Livingstone, Chirundu and Lusaka International Airport.

Walter Genius Courier is a member of the Customs Clearing and Freight Forwarding Agents Association of Zambia (CCFFAZ). Clients are advised at all times to make sure that their documentation is in order to help reduce costs. The following are the basic documents that are required from the client for submission to customs:

  • Manifests
  • Commercial invoices
  • Packing lists
  • Bill of lading
  • Export declarations
  • Importers and exporters code
  • Tax payer's identification number

Border clearances

Walter Genius Couriers facilitate border clearances for all import and export consignments at the point of entry or exit. The company provides pre-clearances at the borders to avoid delays when it receives all the documentation for the consignments.

Removal in bond services (RIBs)

Walter Genius Couriers will move your Cargo on bond and do the final clearance in its warehouses. The company's bonding and ex-bonding fees are very competitive as their goal is to transport, clear and deliver your goods at a very affordable rate, and in a timely manner leaving you satisfied.


When the client is ready to collect and pay for the consignment, Walter Genius Couriers then start the process of removing the consignment from the customs bonded warehouse by facilitating a final clearance.

Removal in transit services (RITs)

Walter Genius Couriers will help you move your shipments through Zambia until your point of exit. This customs clearance process is executed in a speedy manner provided all documentation is in order for all its clients.

Bonded warehousing management

Walter Genius provides excellent bonded warehousing services. The company has a spacious 124 square metres secure bonded warehouse at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. It also provides road freight bonded warehousing facilities with another 384 square metres bonded warehouse which is highly secure.

Customs clearance duration

Walter Genius Couriers believes customs clearance at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport should not take more than half a day. From the time the collect the receipt of the items held (RIH), the maximum duration should be one day. Customs clearances at the borders takes not more than 1 day from the time the trucks gets to the border. The company also offers pre- clearances to help speed up the customs process and not delay its clients' shipments.

Customs payments

Payments are then made within an agreed period with clients. This assists them not to pressure its clients when their consignments are at the points of entry. Additionally, this helps reduce on unnecessary delays in its service delivery.

Informed regional compliance services

Walter Genius strives to educate the importers and exporters of goods on the regional and global compliance trade laws as well as regulations of their customs agencies. Customs laws differ from one country to another and so importers and exporters need to be educated in the following areas:

  • All government documentation needs to be submitted
  • Any special documents as demanded by individual nations insurances certificates
  • Bonded warehousing services – this can be used in some countries for duty deferments by removing the consignment in customs bonded warehouse
  • Understanding of all customs calculations and terminologies
  • To give timely updates on customs changes usually announced in the budgets but missed out by traders
  • Customs import Vat and deposits refunds
  • Quota requirements
  • Port health information

Carnets- documentation allowing certain goods to countries without paying duties. Three types of Carnets exist: 1. ATA Carnet – for temporary importation of goods and equipment 2. Carnet de passages – for motor vehicles 3. TIR Carnet – to simplify administrative formalities of transit commercial goods carried by international road transport.

Customs subsequent / late entries

There are a lot of things that could go wrong after the original customs entry has been done before the release of the consignment. Walter Genius Couriers have got well trained staff to help resolve all the issues that come about as a result of these post entries. The following are the common activities that need attention:

  • Penalties on non-payment of goods collected on special delivery
  • Suspension of Tax Payers Identification Number (TPIN) for the delays in payment for assessed entries
  • Customs petitions or appeals
  • Non disclosures of commodities and invoices
  • Full disclosure and presentation of information relating to customs standards to help with compliance
  • Amendments

Walter Genius Courier operational Port offices

  • Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
  • Livingstone port office
  • Chirundu border
  • Nakonde border
  • Kazungula border
  • Katimamulilo border
  • Victoria falls border

Removals services

Walter genius have a customised service that helps you pack your furniture in well labelled and secure packages. The company move your furniture and furnishings, deliver and unpack to your specified premises. Whether within city limits, intercity or beyond borders.

Freight and forwarding
Walter Genius Couriers Ltd · Freight and forwarding
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