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Basic information

Worldmasters Freight Logistics

Lusaka, Zambia

Worldmasters provides prompt and well organised customs clearing services for the transport of cargo by road, air, rail and sea. With a team of experienced staff committed to the growth and success of the company, they efficiently respond to client needs and focus on the safe and efficient distribution of goods. This company uses world class logistics skills to meet customer needs and requirements, making it one of the leading customs and freight companies in Zambia.

Freight and forwarding

This company offers a broad range of services - cargo transport, motor deliveries, insurance services, customs clearing agent services, and international freight and forwarding. Worldmasters can handle cargo from any port on a 'freight collect' and 'freight pre-paid' basis, ideal for urgent shipments and courier services.

Worldmasters Freight Logistics Ltd is a Zambian owned customs clearing and freight forwarding company. It is a member of the Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG), which was created in 2000 as a service and facilitation centre to promote imports and exports through the Port of Walvis Bay to the SADC region. They are also directly linked with the ASYCUDA++ computer clearing system which provides up-to-date information about customs tariffs. Worldmasters uses specialised packaging methods to ensure that cargo is handled with utmost care. All these factors contribute to Worldmasters having established itself as one of the leading companies in the customs and freight industry through quality services. It has experienced a steady and continuous growth and now operates from all major entry points in Zambia. In addition the company has agents in neighbouring countries as well as a network of counterparts all over the world in order to ensure the efficient movement of cargo. Air freight Worldmasters Freight Logistics offer the delivery of cargo by air to different towns within the country together with regional and international delivery of cargo. The company's expertise in this field includes overnight delivery of freight from major cities worldwide. Road freight Worldmasters Freight Logistics offers domestic, regional and international road freight services. The company has a good track record of road freight services based on its firm commitment to treat each and every consignment as a priority. This includes cost surveying, planning, border clearance and the consolidation of smaller consignments. This service is available for worldwide destinations. Ocean freight Worldmasters Freight Logistics offers customs and freight forwarding for regional and international customs. A comprehensive infrastructure network enables them to handle and dispatch any kind of cargo. With close contact to the world's leading shipping lines they can optimise transit time by selecting the best option for cargo movement. Cargo can be transported in full container loads, LCL (less than a container load), groupage (the handling of multiple consignments) or break bulk (a variety of goods loaded individually and not in bulk or inter-modal containers). Rail freight Through its membership of the Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG), Worldmasters is able to facilitate cargo movement by rail freight from anywhere in the SADC region and to other states as long as they are linked by rail. Worldmasters' clients include

  • Computer Systems
  • Cubic Innovations Ltd
  • Direct Cabling and Computers (Z) Ltd
  • Indo Zambia Bank Ltd
  • Kalamule Contractors (Z) Ltd
  • Linking Africa Marketing
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries
  • MSL Business Centre
  • Old Turtle Breeding Farm
  • Satellite Development Corporation
  • Talking Point Ltd
  • Zambia Air Force

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