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Munthaka Close, Lusaka
1942 Munthaka Close, Woodlands, Lusaka, Zambia
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Freight and forwarding

Wright Line Logistics Investments can handle your shipment – regardless of size, origin or destination. The company utilises its wide network of transportation solutions to move your cargo across the country or across the world, streamlining your supply chain operations. Their superior freight forwarding solutions are tailored to meet your unique transport needs.
Air, ocean and ground transport
Move your cargo with ease and expertise
Solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs

Wright Line Logistics is one of the most preferred logistics service providers engaged in offering different types of custom clearance activities. Their services are highly sought after and they believe that the primary factors that have helped them score over their competitors are:

  • In-depth knowledge of custom tariff, acts and procedures
  • In-depth knowledge of imports and custom, VAT, TPIN management and procedures
  • Ethical business values
  • Effective warehousing facilities
  • Strong logistics support
  • Reliable, flexible and transparent services
  • Skillful team of professionals

Through its great corporate relation with ZRA, Wright Line Logistics Investments facilitates non-interruptive business for their clients.

Clients served

  • Bell – Zambia (export and import clearing and ZRA and VAT Consulting)
  • Sinotra Company Ltd
  • Kazungula Bridge Company
  • Mazaba Nickel Company
  • Saloba Company Ltd
  • San He Company Ltd
  • Kampoko Company
  • Qrent – Computer Company
  • Individual/Once off companies
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Import and export

Count on Wright Line Logistics Investments for all your import and export needs. Whether you want to import/export perishable goods, vehicles or equipment, their team can determine if your cargo should be transported by air, ground or sea. They will also ensure a timely and smooth transit of your goods.
For all your import and export needs
A strong network of trusted international agents
Reliable and innovative shipping solutions

Wright Line Logistics Investments acts as agents to exporters and importers as well as statutory agencies for the provision of logistics support and documentation of exportation and importation of goods.

Well vested with export and imports knowledge, Wright Line Logistics is able to advise clients and perform related works effectively. Their team navigates the latest regulations, minimises paperwork, expedites transit and seeks to lower your shipping costs.

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Storage and warehousing

Wright Line Logistics Investments offers short, medium and long term warehousing and storage of cargo. Their facilities are equipped with CCTV, electronic theft and fire alarms backed by round-the-clock security personnel for additional security.
A global network of warehouse and storage facilities
Short, medium or long term warehousing of general and hazardous cargo
Facilities are equipped with CCTV, electronic theft and fire alarms

As a full-service freight and forwarding company, Wright Line Logistics Investments fully understands finding secure, safe storage for your cargo can be a headache to arrange. Their flexible systems allow the safe handling and storage of products requiring short or long term storage.

Wright Line Logistics Investments has vast experience in handling different types of cargo including raw materials for industrial enterprises, equipment and machinery, consumer goods, vehicles, electronics and more.

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Contact information

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Munthaka Close, Lusaka
1942 Munthaka Close, Woodlands, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 977 854666

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