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Your Anthem Radio (YAR 89.7 FM) offers a wealth of information, entertainment and education to its listeners. Its brand was designed for listeners to feel part of the station. YAR 89.7 FM is in touch with the trends of today while appreciating where it has come from. This is all expressed in their presentation style on radio.
Frequency is 89.7 FM
Information, entertainment and education for its listeners
Influencing their target market and the nation positively

Your Anthem Radio (YAR 89.7 FM) is a product of the artistic and visionary imagination of a team with immense experience in the broadcasting business and information technology dedicated to influencing their target market and the nation positively.

Your Anthem Radio (YAR 89.7 FM) presents the best, balanced and objective news coverage of issues in the Copperbelt and keeps listeners informed on what is happening in the rest of the country and abroad. Your Anthem Radio is the first radio station in the country to have launched a radio app. Listeners can download the 'YAR FM APP' on App store.

Multimedia and Advertising

Your Anthem Radio has entered the commercial radio market in the region with a marketing opportunity that seeks to differentiate itself from the rest. The radio station has created a wide variety of marketing packages with options and rates that cater for both the premium and low budget advertiser.
Marketing packages to suit all sizes of business
Creatively produced adverts using top of the range software
Materials delivered with a passionate, up-market approach

Your Anthem Radio advertising rate card (VAT inclusive and subject to change without prior notice)Premium/prime advert rates

Adverts are creatively produced using top of the range radio audio production software with all the necessary sound effects, voice overs and music beds to give a product the up-market image it deserves.


ZMW2.00 per second (0 – 60 seconds) ZMW2.20n per second (61 – 120 seconds) ZMW2.50n per second (above 120 seconds) ZMW3.00 per second for slots before and after news bulletins


ZMW15.00n per minute Commercial announcements/notices – ZMW200.00 Programme presenter's and production fees – ZMW300.00 Production and creation of jingles, intro and outro for programmes paid for a 3 months season will come as complementary. If the contract is less than 3 months, the cost of creating a jingle production is ZMW150.00 Production of jingles/adverts to use elsewhere – ZMW1,000.00 All text and audio production are property of YAR FM. Funeral announcements are aired free of charge.

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Obote Avenue, City Centre, Kitwe, Zambia
+260 212 220898
Closed today
PO Box 23031 Kitwe, Zambia

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