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Security equipment

As one of the few local suppliers of high security products, Zamsafes and Alarms manufactures custom-built security products with an excellent service both before and after sales. Safes and vault doors come with a lifetime guarantee and locks are serviced every 6 months.
1 year warranty on all products
Locks are serviced every 6 months by arrangement
Security consultancy services on new buildings

Zamsafes and Alarms have detailed knowledge of the security industry, with experience in manufacturing, steel metal fabrication and security. Zamsafes and Alarms offer security products together with reliable technical expertise, and a turnaround time tailored to suit customers' requirements, to the banking, retail, manufacturing, mining and farming sectors in Zambia.

Product range

High security doors - Door specifications

  • 10 to 14 bolts fitting front and back
  • All doors are fitted with a grill Emergency Exit fitted on request
  • Door thickness of 110mm on cat4-6 2 x high precision 106 lock
  • Tri-controlled locking system
  • High security doors up to category 6 3 or 4 wheel combination lock
  • Time lock which is optional Emergency exit has dual lock control Grill gate has 2 high precision locks (DL) operable from both side


  • Fire proof high security cabinets
  • Document cabinets Fault cages
  • FD40 cabinets
  • Gun cabinets
  • Key cabinets
  • School and staff lockers

Banking products

  • Cash teller canisters
  • ATM card and cheque book canisters
  • Coin
  • ATM bins
  • Note counters
  • Coin counters
  • Cash in transit
  • CIT boxes sizes 1 to 5
  • Cash teller trolleys
  • Custom made CIT products
  • Vault trolleys

Other services

  • Installation of strong rooms and vault doors
  • Security audits and enhancements of product safety features
  • Service contracts on retainer option Crime Site audit and inspection in conjunction with security wings
  • Supply and fitting of all security locks

Value addition & backup service

  • Reliable technical expertise
  • A turnaround time tailored to suit your requirements
  • Value for money
  • Unmatched after-sales service offered by well-trained Technicians
  • Very prompt complaints resolution
  • After sales follow up
  • Custom made products

Zamsafes and Alarms clients

Zamsafes and Alarms work with individual clients to create custom-made solutions. Although a relatively new company they have already supplied security products to many high profile companies in Zambia. The list of customers includes: Financial Institutions

  • Banc ABC
  • Bank of Zambia
  • Bayport Financial Services
  • Eco Bank
  • Finance bank
  • Focus finance
  • Indo-Zambia Bank
  • Stanbic Bank
  • Standard chartered bank
  • Unity Finance
  • ZANACO Bank

Government Institutions

  • Examinations Council of Zambia
  • Ministry of works & supply
  • National Science and Technology
  • UNZA
  • Zambia Bureau of Standards


  • Baby foods
  • Bata Shoe Company
  • Dulux Paints
  • Edgar's stores
  • Embassy Supermarket
  • Handyman's Paradise
  • Hifi corp
  • Jet stores
  • Kentucky fried chicken (rsa)
  • Mica Hardware
  • Spar
  • Zambeef Products

Large corporates

  • Engen
  • Finca
  • Trade kings

Other customers include

  • Contractors
  • Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance Companies
  • Mines
  • Schools
  • Security Firms

Security consultancy

Zamsafes and Alarms offer a security consultancy service to companies who are putting up new buildings, advising on the installation of safes, vaults and security doors. Their team is also able to reset or change key combinations or codes (subject to appropriate security checks), cut and replace keys and open locked safes, ATMs, vaults and strongroom doors.

Zamsafes and Alarms general information

  • A trusted security company
  • Specialises in high security safes and alarms
  • Products manufactured by the company
  • Innovative high-tech designs
  • Full customer service for pre and post sales
  • Also supplies other quality steel products

10 reasons why 88% of Zambia’s financial institutions buy Zamsafes' products

  • Zamsafes offers value for money by reducing risk and high insurance rating
  • Zamsafes products are tried, tested and backed by specialised equipment as well as an experienced production team
  • Zamsafes is reliable. Emergency call out and service teams available 7 days a week
  • Zamsafes products are carefully designed and engineered with security of your assets in mind
  • Zamsafes’ after sales back up service is unparalleled
  • Zamsafes’ production lead time is unmatched compared to imports
  • Zamsafes can custom make products to meet your specific needs
  • Zamsafes products are backed by a full year guarantee
  • Zamsafes offers free installation of its products across Zambia
  • Zamsafes is a local brand of global standards

Competitive edge

  • The only local supplier of high security products with requisite skills and technology
  • Engineering and technical expertise to custom make products
  • High tech equipment
  • Unmatched customer service and support
  • Cross-functional teams encourage creativity
  • High quality systems are in place

Security safes

Zamsafes and Alarms has an extensive range of quality security safes, and can professionally install them. Every safe supplied is anti-explosive, fireproof and radioactive resistant. Their products range from category 5 vaults, strong room doors, security filing cabinets, cash canisters, cash in transit boxes, house and car alarms.
Safes are anti-explosive
Security safes are fireproof and radioactive resistant
Installation of strong rooms and vault doors

Zamsafes products are tried, tested and backed by specialized equipment as well as an experienced production team. The team is reliable, emergency call out and service teams are available 7 days a week. Products are carefully designed and engineered with security of your assets in mind.

Product range

  • Money safes
  • Laptop and gun safes
  • Category 5 vaults
  • Strong room doors
  • Security filing cabinets
  • Cash canisters
  • Cash in transit boxes
  • House and car alarms

High security safes - Safe specifications

  • Smallest safe weights 160kg
  • Standard safe sizes from 36ltr to 340ltr
  • Dual locks on all safes
  • Manual 7lever high security locks
  • Digital, 3 or 4 wheel combination locks
  • Invisible relock on all safes which is triggered upon intrusion
  • Drop in and upright safes

High security product features

  • Explosive resistant
  • Fire rating of 1000/1800 degrees
  • At least 4 hours against surreptitious entry
  • 6 Man hours against forced entry
  • 6-8 hours against fire loss of contents
  • At least 20 man hours against manipulation of locks
  • At least 20 man hours against radiological attack

Other services

  • Opening of jammed safes, strong rooms and vaults
  • Relocation of safes
  • Repair and servicing of locking mechanism including time locks
  • Fitting and resetting digital and combination locks
  • Service contracts on retainer option

Benefits of using Zamsafes and Alarms


  • As manufacturers, Zamsafes understands how your products were made, therefore they can repair them without compromising their security features.
  • Call out team is made up of experienced technicians.


  • Response and turnaround time is unparalled.
  • Team Zamsafes is a division that has been set up to specifically attend to you 7 days a week, they will never be too busy.
  • Zamsafes will keep you updated as they attend to your emergencies. They will not leave you wondering.


  • Zamsafes will not only attend to your problem, but will also offer solutions to make sure that you get the most out of your product.
  • They will find a way to solve your problem.

Free installation

  • Zamsafes installs their products at no cost and other brands at a fee.
  • Installation is done with specialised equipment to safeguard your people, assets and the product.
  • Installations are done professionally with a certificate of completion and staff orientation.


  • Their team follows strict security procedures from the call out to the resolution of your problem.
  • Zamsafes does not cut keys. If you lose your keys, they will change your lock.
  • Their work is guaranteed.

Service contract

Zamsafe’s contracts run for two years with an option to renew. The company recommends service of your locking system every 6 months. Products manufactured by Zamsafes carry a one year guarantee and they will offer you a free service six months after the purchase of your Zamsafes product. The company is also able to service other brands.

Contact information

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Luanshya Road, Lusaka
174 Luanshya Road, Villa Elizabertha, Lusaka, Zambia
Open today: 08:00-17:00
+260 211 847817, +260 211 847816, +260 967 965070, +260 953 488176, +260 978 870875
POBox 34890 Lusaka, Zambia

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