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Zhengzhou Free Fluid Control Technology Co.,Ltd

Zhengzhou Free Fluid Control Technology Co.,Ltd is leader in the design valve and application of special industrial valves , we provide high quality industrial products for our customers all the time. First introduced ceramic engineer valve in the year 2008, FREE-VALVE’S have steadily proven their worth in tough industrial applications once thought to be solely the province of steel or ceramic valves. Today, as challenge traditional thinking in abrasive fluid applications, FREE-VALVES offer a wide rang of products:ceramic knife gate valve , ceramic double gate valve , ceramic rotary gate valve , slurry valve ,tank bottom angle valve , V type ball valve, ball valve, butterfly valve,ceramic tile lined composite pipes etc . They have a wide application in coal washing plant ,power plant ,alumina refinery, steel plant,petro-chemical etc. Our valves have been exported to Pakistan ,Turkey ,United states ,Indonesia,Taiwan etc .

Industrial products

Ceramic Lined Composite Pipe and Ceramic Elbow FREE-Valve’s Ceramic Lined Composite Pipe and Ceramic Elbow include elbow, short section ,Tee joint ,reducer etc ,which are widely used in the powder of pneumatic conveying and pumping conveying . Due to the large abrasives , high hardness ,high speed ,large flow rate of medium ,the ceramic ring lined composite pipes can greatly prolong the speed of pipes wear out . Features 1. Ceramic lined steel pipe has strong wear resistance performance and anti -erosion capacity. 2. With Smooth inner wall, will not blocked by the powder medium . 3. Good anti-abrasive performance ,longer working life time Technical Specification The standards of flange ends ASME B16.5,GB/T9113 Nominal Pressure 1.0MPa,Class150 Size Range DN50~DN 300, NPS2 ~NPS12 Connection type Flange/ Welding Working Temperature ≤200℃ Pipe material Engineering ceramic+ Steel Application: 1. Slag draining, ash removal, powder feeding and back powder systems in power plants. 2. Iron alloy conveying of steel-making, slag conveying pipeline, external refining and so on in steel plant. 3. LiCoO2  powder ,raw slurry conveying in cement plant, coal powder conveying, concrete conveying pipe.

Pumps and equipment

Fully welded ball valve FREE-Valve’s Fully Welded Ball Valve are widely used in almost all the industry .Compared to the general casting ball valve,fully welded ball valve have a highly performance and longer life time . It was widely used in city gas ,city heat supply ,oil chemical industry,ship building ,steel ,power plant etc . Fully welded ball valve can be reliable run in the long time ,easy to be installed and less maintenance work . Benefits 1.Valve body material is the same as the pipe material , so they will not occur transformation due to unbalanced stress . 2.Face to face dimensions can be made according to customer requirement. 3.Material of valve seat is made up of PTFE+20%C sealing ring and metal sealing ,which can adapt to the change of pressure and temperature,So the leakage will not occur during the pressure and temperature Range. 4.The ball body has a highly machining precision due to the tracking of computer detector,so the ball valve was shut off/shut on conveniently. Specification Type : FRQ61FC,FRQ361FC Size Range:NPS2~NPS48 , DN50 ~DN1200 Pressure Range :Class150~Class600,1.6MPa~4.0MPa Body Material : A105,F304,F316 Connect Method :weld Work Temperature:-29℃≤t≤180 ℃ Design standard:ASME B16.34,API6D Test and Inspect:API598 Face to Face:ASME B16.10 Medium :Water ,oil ,gas ,acid ,alkaili etc Driving method : electric ,handle,worm gear etc . Application industry centralized heating, coal gas pipe, waste gas treatment system, heat supply system