Music event management

Zirbo Zambia manages all kinds of events – from large national occasions to small family celebrations. The company can also handle the technical side of an event by providing a technician, sound engineer and a generator to ensure that the event runs smoothly and professionally as you expect it to.
Open at any time of day
Managed prestigious events like UNWTO closing ceremony
Manages all types of events including Don Moen concert

Contact Zirbo Zambia for help in organising great concerts, festivals, disco parties, weddings and get-togethers – any event that requires quality stage and music facilities.

Events managed by Zirbo Zambia include:

  • 2013 Arts National Council Festival in Livingstone
  • UNWTO General Assembly closing ceremony
  • Lusaka 100 concert at the University of Zambia
  • The Don Moen concert at Woodlands Stadium
  • The Jaunita Baynum concert by Bread of Life Church
  • The 237th Anniversary of American Independence event in Zambia

Music and Stage equipment

Zirbo Zambia is a leading audio-visual equipment hire and event production agency in Lusaka, Zambia. No matter how large the event Zirbo has the capacity to deliver. Zirbo have an extensive range of music equipment used in live performance for use by musicians, technicians and venue owners.
From just speakers, a professional PA system right through to a DJ
Sophisticated sound and lighting gear
Smoke machines to DMX controllers and PAR LED cans

When you want to hire a sound system or other stage equipment for your private or corporate function in Zambia, Zirbo are here to help. They can help with anything from just speakers right through to a DJ with sophisticated sound and lighting gear, or a professional PA system for a public event. Stage lighting and effects are used to create a mood, feeling or excitement within a performance. With the right lighting and effects you can affect the audience’s senses and evoke their emotion. From smoke machines to DMX controllers and PAR LED cans to strobes check out what Zirbo can do for you.

Here is a comprehensive list of equipment you may need for your event:

PA Systems

  • Mixing desk
  • Power amplifiers
  • Equalizer and other rack effects
  • Effects pedals
  • Speaker / Instrument / Mic cables
  • Snake cables
  • Wireless systems
  • Media players
  • Portable PA systems
  • PA speakers
  • Front of House (FOH) speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Foldback speakers
  • PA speaker stands
  • Microphones
  • Dynamic microphone
  • Condenser microphone
  • Drum mics
  • Wireless mics

Stage Gear

  • Direct input box
  • Mic stands
  • Music stands
  • Clips for smartphones and tablets
  • Instrument tuners
  • Portable stages
  • Drum riser
  • Fog & bubble machines
  • Skirting panels / Cloths
  • Maintenance tools and parts


  • Spotlights
  • Par cans
  • Color & wash lights
  • Strobes, lasers, & effects lights
  • Lighting controllers & interfaces
  • Lighting software
  • Cables & accessories
  • Stands & trusses

Other Gear

  • Road cases
  • Extension power cables
  • Gaffer tape
  • Hearing Protection
  • Carts and casters
  • Extra batteries, power adaptors and chargers

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