Baldan Subsoiler Conservation Ripper

Baldan Subsoiler Conservation Ripper

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The BALDAN ASDA Chisel Plow with automatic enable / disable of rods was specially designed to disrupt compacted soil layers, increasing the soil infiltration capacity, facilitating root growth and reducing the risk of erosion. It has the characteristic of automatic disable of rods made with coil springs, lowering the maintenance cost in areas with roots and rocks. It has several versions that can be coupled to the 3rd point of the tractor drawbar and mechanisms such as cutting discs and harrowing rollers.

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The range of agricultural equipment available at Saro Agro Industrial showrooms is second to none, including Landini and McCormick tractors, Kuhn fertilizer spreaders, Kverneland chisel ploughs, Jumil harvesters, Baldan implements, Gallignani balers, Fella mowers and Jacto crop spraying machinery.
Buyantanshi Road, Lusaka
5284 Buyantanshi Road, Heavy Industrial Area, Lusaka, Zambia

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