Master Antenna Television - MATV amplifier SRT MA30

Master Antenna Television - MATV amplifier SRT MA30

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Frequency Range: 47~862 MHz; Gain: 30 dB; Attenuator Adjustment Range: 20 dB; Equalizer Adjustment Range: 18 dB; Noise Figure: 7 dB; Return Path, Passive: 530 MHz

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Strong Zambia is the official Zambian supplier of Strong dish antennae, digital receivers, decoders, low noise blocks, switches, and adapters. The company also supplies TV accessories including coaxial cables, f-connectors, satellite finders, compasses, modulators, signal amplifiers, TV plugs, and AV and HD cables.
Nampundwe Road, Lusaka
Plot 5046/A Nampundwe Road, Light Industrial Area, Lusaka, Zambia

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